Best Commercial & Business Intercom Systems

The Best Commercial & Business Intercom Systems

As a business owner, ensuring the safety and security of your commercial property is a top priority.

A robust intercom system can enhance communication, access control, and security for any business. With advanced features like video capabilities, smartphone integration, and wireless connectivity, commercial intercom systems have evolved to meet the needs of modern businesses.

We will explore the key components, top features, and best options when selecting an intercom system for your commercial or office building.

What is a Commercial Intercom System?

A commercial intercom system is a communication device designed specifically for use in office buildings, retail stores, industrial facilities, and other commercial properties. It allows internal communication between different parts of a building as well as external communication with visitors trying to gain entry. Key components of a commercial intercom system include:

  • Base Station – The intercom unit located at the main entrance to the building. It includes a speaker,
  • microphone, and video camera.
  • Substations – Intercom units located throughout the building. Substations allow communication between offices and suites.
  • Door Release – Allows remote unlocking of doors via an electronic signal.
    Operating Software – Manages the intercom system features and settings.

Commercial intercom systems facilitate smooth communication, enhance access control, and improve security. They are an indispensable tool for controlling visitor access in a business setting.

Benefits of a Commercial Intercom System

There are many benefits to installing an intercom system in your business or office building:

  • Enhanced Security – Intercoms allow visual and voice verification before granting access to visitors. Only authorized individuals are allowed to enter.
  • Access Control – Manage access to certain areas by integrating intercoms with access control systems. Set permissions for which staff can release certain doors.
  • Communication – Instant communication between the front desk and staff offices speeds up office operations.
  • Remote Management – Cloud-based intercoms allow you to control the system remotely via computer or smartphone app.
  • Package Management – Safely receive deliveries by providing one-time or recurring access PINs to delivery drivers.
  • Contactless Entry – Guests and staff can gain touchless entry via smartphone app, reducing surface contacts.

Types of Commercial Intercom Systems

There are a few different types of intercom systems designed for commercial use:

  • Audio Intercoms – Provide two-way voice communication. Visitors press a button to call inside and speak to whoever answers.
  • Video Intercoms – Include cameras that allow visual verification of visitors before entry is granted. Ensure higher security.
  • Smartphone Intercoms – Allow tenants to answer calls, visually verify visitors, buzz them in, and review logs directly from a mobile app.
  • Wired Intercoms- Require physical wiring run throughout the building to connect stations. More complex installation but reduced wireless interference.
  • Wireless Intercoms – Connect via WiFi, cellular, or Bluetooth. Allow for quicker installation without in-wall wiring but may have connectivity issues.

Key Features of Commercial Intercom Systems

When selecting an intercom system, look for these top features:

  • Video Calling – Camera at the intercom allows visual verification of guests before entry.
  • Smartphone Access – A mobile app allows tenants to control doors and gates remotely from their phones.
  • Wireless Capability – Avoid complex wiring by using advanced wireless systems.
  • Multiple Access Points – Manage multiple doors and gates on the property from one system.
  • Cloud-Based – Enables remote access and control from anywhere using a computer or mobile device.
  • Contactless Entry – Open doors via Bluetooth, QR codes, voice assistant integration, and mobile access.
  • Access Control Integration – Sync with existing access control systems to streamline door permissions.
  • Delivery Management – Create temporary PINs to securely receive deliveries and service providers.
  • Activity Logs – Review detailed logs showing access activity with photos, timestamps, and details.
  • Customizable Directory – Tailor the intercom directory to match how your tenants organize themselves.

Top Intercom Systems for Commercial Businesses

With an understanding of key features, compare these top-rated commercial intercom systems:

Commercial & Business Intercom SystemsButterflyMX Intercom

ButterflyMX is an innovative wireless video intercom system designed specifically for commercial and residential properties.

Key Features:

  • HD Video Calling – Crystal clear video communication via the intercom’s camera.
  • Smartphone Access – Intuitive mobile app for iOS and Android.
  • Wireless – No need to run physical wires through building.
  • Activity Logs – Comprehensive logs with photos and timestamps.
  • Keyless Entry – QR codes, Bluetooth, Apple Watch, and voice control.
  • Customizable Directory – Match your company org chart.
  • Delivery Management – Create unlimited delivery PINs.
  • Affordable Pricing – Lower cost than traditional intercom systems.

ButterflyMX simplifies visitor, package, and employee access for office buildings while prioritizing security. Easy smartphone and keyless access control combined with detailed activity logs reduce desk distractions for staff.

2N IP Verso Intercom

The 2N IP Verso is a robust and expandable IP-based intercom system for large commercial facilities.

Key Features:

  • Crisp HD Video – See visitors clearly before granting access.
  • Modular & Customizable – Build on the system as your needs change.
  • Access Control Integration – Control doors and manage permissions.
  • Multisite Management – Manage multiple locations from one interface.
  • Advanced Security Features – Integrated intrusion switches, tampers, and alarms.
  • Designed for Large Buildings – Scales well for office campuses and enterprises.

The 2N IP Verso works well for large office headquarters, manufacturing plants, distribution centers, and other sizable commercial properties that require easy scalability.

Choosing the Right Intercom System

When selecting a commercial intercom system, consider your budget, required features, size of property, and scalability needs.

On-site evaluations by vendors can help determine the ideal system configuration and components required. Cloud-based smartphone systems offer more flexibility and affordability for most modern businesses compared to legacy wired intercom systems. Focus on video capabilities, mobile access control, and contactless entry features to future-proof your intercom investment.

With the help of Jet Hotel Solutions, the right intercom system can be incorporated into your overall security plan and you can effectively manage access control and communication for your commercial facility.

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