Central Staging

New Builds

With access to brand specifications and experience managing 1000s of new builds, we dedicate an overall project manager as a bolt-on to your internal team. We firmly believe that there’s no such thing as a great vendor, but only a well-managed one. Because of that, we work with you from planning, to vendor meets and timelines, through to installation and post-install.

Our Process is:

  1. Planning – We work with you on planning the sequence and integrations of your projects to ensure installs flow smoothly. We also help you plan out your invoicing schedule.
  2. Vendor Management – We arrange vendor meets and have weekly one-on-ones with the various vendors and then send regular updates to your team.
  3. Pre-Install – We use industry and brand best practices to establish site readiness on the hotel side and communication channels on the vendor side in preparation for the week of install.
  4. Install – We lead daily calls with vendors on-site to manage the timeline and remain flexible to eliminate change orders as much as possible. We leverage our nationwide feet on the street to dispatch techs as needed for site surveys, gap analysis, additional support and the like.
  5. Post-Install – Once turned up, we work with you to ensure brand and other stakeholders have what they need. We create a tailored vendor management form with support and SLA info.

There’s no such thing as a great vendor, just a well-managed one.

Reducing Expenses and Mitigating Risk

As you well know, there’s nothing more expensive than missing opening and go-live deadlines. In our career, we’ve saved owners millions just in being able to turn up services on time. By planning and foreseeing gaps, we make sure integrations between technologies are seamless and limit change orders and related costs. Finally, with the 20+ technology decisions that need to be made, it’s easy to either omit or undervalue a smaller piece of the puzzle like TV solutions in the gym, time clock integration, etc. and we help you mitigate risk and make sure you’re fully covered.