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Managed Hotel Technology: Selection, Staging & Support

With access to 50+ Brand-Approved providers, JET Hotel Solutions will perform a personalized RFP and help you select technologies that fit your needs, staying up to date with modern technological trends like Covid-19 contactless check-in or hotel AI in your guest rooms, project manage those installations and offer centralized back-end support.

There’s no such thing as a good vendor, only a well managed one. We act as your dedicated overall PM to keep the project in scope by planning for integration points and gaps between vendors and mitigating costs and related-risks by keeping the project on schedule.

Finally, as a team of subject matter experts with 25+ years in hotel technology, we offer a fully scaled 24/7 NOC as a central 1-call for all of your hotel technology with nationwide feet on the street for on-site response and support.

We’ll be your hotel technology advocate.