High Speed Internet Access

Guest experience and work efficiency start with a strong and stable network. You have a lot of choices with local telecom carriers and cable companies, various bandwidth options, aggregator and direct providers and the maze of taxes and fees. We’ll do all we can to get you the right product at the right price with the right partner.

Simplify your Selection – Aggregator vs. Direct

For customers with dispersed networks, managing regionalized broadband providers can be frustrating and counterproductive. From finding the right vendor to managing installations, integrating them into your network, keeping track of invoices and navigating your way through technical support; the more vendors you have, the more effort you exert managing them. This is why performance guaranteed by a single service level agreement (SLA) across all locations can be better than the perceived benefit of going direct.

Optimize and Reduce Costs – Hidden Fees

With internet usage climbing, costs are actually decreasing. Owners should expect to pay anywhere from 10-20% less when negotiating new agreements. Still, finding the best value provider can be tricky as 2 given providers can have 20 different ways of representing their fees and it’s not until the monthly bill that you realize what that is. We want you to have control over your monthly bills and to be able to negotiate the right agreements with full transparency.

Mitigate Risk – Not All Managed Routers are Created Equal

As you’ve no doubt come to learn, most hotel brands require a managed router on premise to guarantee continuous service to guests. So, you’ll see that most quotes include a managed router option or bundle it into the standard fee. The word managed, however, covers a spectrum of possibilities, from a router that is proactively managed by a qualified engineer NOC to a toll-free customer service hotline. To manage the impact on your business and your guest/employee safety and satisfaction, you’ll want to choose a service that provides you with the ability to see and understand the health of your network on a given site, supports you with engineers who are able to solve your problems immediately and monitors your network altering you to any changes before they become an issue.