Guest Entertainment

Guestroom Entertainment is a fairly straightforward decision. Knowing how your Over The Top service integrates with various cable and satellite providers will be key as well as understanding how your hotel’s infrastructure will influence the installation.

Simplify your Selection – HD and Channel Packages

Guests have more and more sophisticated tastes when it comes to content. We are all used to a variety of personalized content that is delivered instantaneously and at HD quality. This is why we recommend owners don’t veer from the standard packages that include a centralized receiver that ensures QoS and a set of premium and local channels.

Optimize and Reduce Costs – Install and Infrastructure

If you’re building a new hotel (congratulations!), it’s important to know what kind of cabling you’re going to run to the rooms. Although larger satellite companies can handle all kinds of infrastructure, some smaller cable providers are more limited and you may end up having to pay more to install in the end. About installations, make sure you know the costs as carriers like to hide fees in the monthly or elsewhere, 0 down installation does not mean free installation and a quote may change dramatically after a proper site survey. Make sure you have all the questions about cabling and deployment answered before you sign the contract.

Mitigate Risk – National Presence

Typically, local, smaller cable companies are able to negotiate lower prices when it comes to TV. However, a lower price is not always worth it. In order to guarantee a great guest experience and fewer headaches down the line, it may be prudent to choose a provider with a national presence. Like Fiber Internet, this service is a lot easier to manage