Best EV hotel Chargers for Audi e-tron

The Audi e-tron is one of the most popular electric vehicles (EVs) on the market today. With an EPA-estimated range of 222 miles on a full charge, the e-tron allows owners to enjoy long drives without range anxiety. However, when e-tron owners are on road trips and staying at hotels, they need access to convenient and fast EV charging to keep their vehicles powered up. Choosing the right EV hotel charger ensures an e-tron owner can wake up to a fully charged vehicle every morning. This article explores the top EV chargers at hotels for Audi e-tron owners.

Factors to Consider in an EV Hotel Charger

When evaluating EV hotel chargers for the Audi e-tron, there are several key factors to consider:

  1. Charging speed – Level 2 EV chargers with higher amperage ratings (30A-80A) can charge an e-tron much faster than lower powered Level 2 (16A-24A) or Level 1 chargers. Faster charging means less downtime waiting for a charge.
  2. Connector type – The e-tron uses the J1772 connector type, so the hotel EV charger must be compatible with this to plug in.
  3. Power output – The maximum charging rate the e-tron can accept is 7.2kW. So a hotel EV charger’s power output should be at least this much.
  4. Cost to charge – Many hotels offer free EV charging as an amenity, while others charge a fee based on hours plugged in or electricity consumed.
  5. Accessibility – The charger should be conveniently located near hotel parking and available 24/7 for guest access.

Taking these factors into account will ensure EV drivers can efficiently charge their e-tron while staying at a hotel.

Factors to Consider in an EV Hotel Charger

Top EV Hotel Chargers for the Audi e-tron

Here are the best EV chargers currently available at hotels for Audi e-tron owners:

ChargePoint Home Flex

The ChargePoint Home Flex is one of the most popular Level 2 EV chargers found at hotels. It offers a maximum power output of 7.2kW, allowing it to charge the e-tron at the fastest rate possible on AC charging. The ChargePoint Home Flex has an amperage of 30A and is compatible with the J1772 connector. It’s a compact and lightweight wall-mounted unit, making installation easy for hotels. ChargePoint allows hotels to set competitive pricing plans, with many offering free charging as an amenity. The ChargePoint network has an industry-leading 98% uptime track record.

Top EV Hotel Chargers for the Audi e-tronTesla Wall Connector

While Tesla Superchargers are not open to other EVs, many hotels provide Tesla Wall Connectors for guest charging. The Wall Connector provides 11.5kW of power, allowing it to charge an e-tron battery from 0 to 100% in around 8 hours. It uses the J1772 standard so e-tron owners can plug in with the adapter included with their vehicle. Hotels often provide Tesla Wall Connectors as they allow properties to charge Tesla guests as well as other EV owners. The Tesla charging network is robust and reliable.

Electrify America Hyper-Fast Chargers

Electrify America operates the largest open DC fast charging network in the US with hyper-fast chargers up to 350kW. A small but growing number of hotels are installing Electrify America chargers to give guests incredibly fast charging for short stays. The Electrify America chargers can add up to 20 miles of range per minute to an e-tron using the CCS connector. While the hyper-fast charging speed might be overkill for overnight hotel guests, it provides peace of mind that you can quickly top up your e-tron during a short pit stop.

Blink Charging HQ 100

Blink offers its HQ 100 as a reliable Level 2 charging station for hotels. It delivers a maximum power output of 7.2kW for fast AC charging up to 9x faster than a standard wall outlet. The dual-connector design allows both J1772 and CCS/SAE connectors for compatibility with all EVs. Blink HQ 100 can fully recharge an e-tron battery overnight. Blink provides hotels with the software and tools to monitor guest charging sessions and payments. Many hotels offer free Blink charging to attract eco-friendly travelers.

Volta Charging Stations

Volta specializes in free public charging stations funded by on-screen video advertising. Their stations stand out with large interactive digital displays. Volta has Level 2 chargers deployed at a variety of hotel properties around the country. Their charging stations offer a power output of 6.6kW and are compatible with the J1772 connector used by the Audi e-tron. While the charging speed is slightly slower than other Level 2 options, the convenience of unlimited free charging makes Volta stations very attractive to e-tron drivers.

Volta Charging StationsEVgo Express 250 Chargers

EVgo specializes in public DC fast charging. Their Express 250 chargers can deliver up to 90kW, allowing an e-tron to charge from 0 to 80% in around 30 minutes. While fast charging is not essential for overnight hotel guests, EVgo’s ultra-fast chargers provide added charging flexibility and convenience. The Express 250 stations are compatible with the e-tron’s CCS charging port. EVgo is rapidly expanding its charging network with a focus on deploying chargers at hospitality properties.

Benefits of Hotel EV Charging for Audi e-tron Owners

Having access to fast, reliable EV charging at hotels offers many benefits for Audi e-tron drivers:

  1. Fully recharged battery every morning
  2. Reduce range anxiety on road trips
  3. Ability to take longer, more scenic routes
  4. Avoid lines and waits at public charging stations
  5. Convenient charging while already parked overnight
  6. Charging costs often free or inexpensive
  7. Most stations offer 6.6kW-7.2kW optimal charging speed

Hotels with ample L2 EVSEs satisfy e-tron guests while attracting environmentally-conscious travelers. EV drivers are more likely to select accommodations providing accessible and affordable charging options.

Benefits of Hotel EV Charging for Audi e-tron Owners

What to Look for in an e-tron Charging Station at Hotels

When you pull up to a hotel in your Audi e-tron and need to charge, look for EV stations with these key features:

  1. J1772 connector compatibility
  2. Power output of at least 6.6kW but ideally 7.2kW
  3. Well-lit, secure location close to guest parking
  4. Charger availability status clearly indicated
  5. Payment options if not free (app, RFID card, credit card reader)
  6. Protection from weather elements if located outdoors
  7. Responsive hotel staff to resolve any charging issues
  8. Member of a larger charging network (ChargePoint, EVgo, Volta, etc.)
  9. Charging rates clearly displayed and explained

Following the recommendations in this guide will ensure Audi e-tron owners can find the best EV charging solutions available at hotels across the country. With the proper infrastructure in place, e-tron drivers can enjoy the freedom of electric driving and road tripping with range confidence.

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