Best Smart EV Charging for Hotels

Electric vehicle (EV) adoption is accelerating globally. As more travelers opt for eco-friendly EVs, hotels must meet the demand for convenient charging solutions. Installing smart EV charging stations allows hotels to attract EV guests, earn revenue through charging services, and provide an amenity that improves the guest experience.

This article explores the benefits of smart EV charging for hotels and provides a guide to the top smart charging station options and software platforms in 2023. With the right EV charging solutions, hotels can save on electrical upgrades, manage charging efficiently, gain data insights, and delight guests.

Benefits of Smart EV Charging for Hotels

Benefits of Smart EV Charging for HotelsSmart EV charging stations provide hotels with connectivity, remote control, and energy management capabilities that maximize the benefits of installing chargers for guests. Key advantages include:

  1. Avoiding electrical upgrades – Smart load balancing features distribute charging capacity across stations to prevent circuit overload. This saves on expensive electrical panel upgrades.
  2. Revenue generation – Setting charging rates and fees allows hotels to earn direct revenue through charging service. Management software also enables payment processing and billing integration.
  3. Optimizing energy costs – By charging EVs during off-peak hours, hotels benefit from lower time-of-use electricity rates and potential demand charge savings.
  4. Enhancing guest experience – Guests can access real-time charger availability info, reservations, and rewards programs via hotel apps and loyalty programs.
  5. Actionable data insights – Detailed usage data helps hotels identify the optimum number of charging stations on site and make data-driven expansion plans.
  6. Future-proofing – With networked smart chargers, hotels can easily deploy software upgrades to enable new features, pricing strategies, and integrations as EV charging evolves.

Top Smart Charging Stations for Hotels

Top Smart Charging Stations for HotelsWhen selecting the right EV charging solutions, hotels must balance upfront equipment costs with long-term management, maintenance, and expansion considerations. The charging stations should match guest vehicle power and plug needs. Hotels typically deploy Level 2 (240V) charging for overnight guests. Here are top picks:

Chargepoint – One of the largest public charging networks. Offers a range of connected Level 2 stations supporting dynamic load balancing. Compatible with Chargepoint’s cloud-based management software for control, payment processing, and analytics.

EVBox – A leading global manufacturer offering the BusinessLine stations tailored for hospitality use. Provides load balancing, access control, billing integration, and maintenance monitoring.

Tesla – Tesla’s Wall Connectors provide one of the fastest charging experiences and are compatible with all EVs via adapters. Requires a Tesla account for activation and monitoring.

Electrify America – Recently launched HyperHub charging stations designed specifically for hospitality and mixed commercial/public sites with robust load management capabilities.

Blink – Affordable smart Level 2 stations starting under $500, best suited for smaller hotels. Offers remote monitoring, dynamic power sharing, and integration with Blink’s network software.

EV Charging Management Software

EV Charging Management SoftwareIn addition to charging hardware, hotels should invest in smart charging software and services to maximize benefits. The software acts as a central platform to control, monitor, and manage multiple stations and locations. Top options include:

EV Connect – End-to-end cloud software for configuring stations, managing user accounts, processing payments, collecting data analytics, and integrating with hotel property management systems.

SemaConnect – Networked EV charging platform tailored to hospitality needs. Enables remote monitoring, access control, automated billing, and API integrations with other hotel platforms.

Driivz – All-in-one EV management software providing a centralized dashboard, dynamic pricing, usage analytics, and integration support. Can optimize charging with on-site solar or battery storage.

ChargePoint – In addition to stations, Chargepoint offers various software plans to control and manage multiple chargers. Higher tiers provide more advanced features and power management capabilities.

Making Smart Charging Work for Your Hotel

When rolling out on-site EV charging, hotels must consider the number of stations needed today and room for future growth. Electrical panels may need upgrades to support additional load. Hotels should install 2-3 stations minimum to start, with room to double capacity.

Making Smart Charging Work for Your HotelSmart charging management software is key to maximizing the benefits. Ensure the software provides essential features like:

  1. Remote monitoring and control
  2. Load balancing and power optimization
  3. Guest access control via mobile apps or room keys
  4. Billing and payment processing integrations
  5. Charging data analytics and reporting
  6. API integration with hotel platforms like PMS, loyalty programs, and guest apps

Ideally, the software and stations should work together as an integrated system for the most seamless experience. Hotels must also market the availability of EV charging clearly on websites, at booking, and on-property to attract and assure EV driving guests.

With strategic smart EV charging solutions, hotels can meet guest demand, future-proof for growing adoption, manage charging efficiently, and collect data to optimize the service over time. This allows hotels to provide exceptional hospitality while advancing sustainability initiatives.

Installing smart networked EV charging stations allows hotels to get in front of the EV adoption trends and turn charging into a revenue stream and guest satisfier. By choosing solutions with robust management software, hotels can avoid electrical upgrades, control charging costs, and enhance the guest experience. As more travelers go electric, hotels that strategically invest in smart charging solutions will benefit from increased competitiveness, sustainability, and future-readiness.

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