Bring a Ethernet cable with you when you travel for work.

The Indispensable Ethernet Cable: Ensuring Reliable Connectivity on Business Travels


Reliable internet connectivity today is as essential as the briefcase was to a 20th-century salesman. For professionals traveling for work, the difference between a successful trip and a logistical nightmare often hinges on the quality of their internet connection.

As the hospitality partner for countless business travelers, we ( understands the critical need for stable and secure internet access. This comprehensive guide explains why an Ethernet cable should be a staple in every business traveler’s toolkit and offers practical advice for maintaining seamless connectivity on the road.

The Case for Wired Connections in a Wireless World

Although Wi-Fi has become synonymous with internet access, it comes with its set of challenges, especially in public or semi-public spaces like hotels, airports, and conference centers where bandwidth is shared among many users. Here are a few reasons why Ethernet beats Wi-Fi for business needs:

  1. Speed and Reliability: Ethernet provides a consistent and reliable connection, free from the common fluctuations of wireless networks. This is crucial for downloading large files, streaming high-quality video for presentations, or participating in video calls without disruptions.
  2. Security: A wired connection is inherently more secure than a wireless one. Using Ethernet reduces the risk of unauthorized access to data, a significant advantage when handling sensitive or confidential information.
  3. Ease of Connection: In crowded environments, connecting to Wi-Fi can sometimes be a frustrating experience, with spotty service and frequent dropouts. An Ethernet connection eliminates this uncertainty, offering a plug-and-play solution that works without the need for repeated logins or authentication.

The Growing Demand for Ethernet in Business Travel

Feedback from our clients at Jet Hotel Solutions indicates a noticeable trend: business travelers increasingly inquire about Ethernet availability when booking accommodations. This shift is partly due to the deficiencies of Wi-Fi in meeting the demands of modern work tasks that require a robust internet connection.

Bring a Ethernet cable with you when you travel for workUnderstanding and addressing this need, we have equipped our properties with high-quality Ethernet infrastructure, ensuring that guests can connect with ease and security.

Practical Tips for Traveling with an Ethernet Cable

To fully benefit from an Ethernet connection while traveling, consider the following tips:

  • Selecting the Right Cable: Look for an Ethernet cable that is both durable and portable. A cable that can withstand being packed and unpacked multiple times is ideal, as is one that doesn’t tangle easily.
  • Cable Length: A cable that is too long can be cumbersome to manage, while a very short one may not reach from the hotel room’s workspace to the Ethernet port. A length of 5 to 7 feet is typically sufficient.
  • Advance Planning: Before your trip, verify that your accommodations provide Ethernet access. This can often be found in the hotel room description or by calling the hotel directly. Knowing this in advance can save you from potential connectivity issues upon arrival.


Enhancing Guest Experience with Ethernet at Jet Hotel Solutions

Recognizing the crucial role that stable internet plays in productivity, we have taken proactive steps to enhance our guests’ connectivity experiences:

  • Room Readiness: Each room is equipped with accessible Ethernet ports, and we provide Ethernet cables upon request.
  • Tech Support: Our on-site technical support team is trained to assist guests with setting up their wired connections, ensuring that any potential issues are swiftly addressed.

Ethernet and Different Work Scenarios

  • For Remote Presentations: Relying on a wired connection minimizes the chances of interruptions during live presentations, a common issue with unstable Wi-Fi networks.
  • For Secure Transactions: When negotiating deals or accessing sensitive data, the enhanced security of Ethernet gives business travelers added peace of mind.

The Future of Connectivity in Hospitality

As the nature of work continues to evolve towards greater flexibility and mobility, the demand for reliable, secure internet access will only increase. Forward-thinking accommodations providers like us are already setting the standard by prioritizing these needs.


Ethernet cables, often perceived as relics of the past, are in fact more relevant than ever in the context of business travel. They provide a reliable backbone for connectivity that modern wireless technologies can’t always match.

As a leader in hospitality solutions, we are committed to ensuring that our guests are never just a step away from the world but are securely and reliably connected, ready to tackle their business challenges head-on. By packing an Ethernet cable, business travelers can ensure that their work goes uninterrupted, making their travel experience smoother and more productive.


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