ButterflyMX Competitors & Alternatives

ButterflyMX Competitors & Alternatives

ButterflyMX has emerged as a leading provider of mobile-based access control systems for residential and commercial properties. With its innovative smartphone-enabled intercoms and expansive partner ecosystem, ButterflyMX offers property managers an affordable and convenient way to manage access control.

However, it is not the only player in this market. Several other companies provide competitive access control systems and alternatives worth evaluating.

We will explore ButterflyMX’s positioning in the market, top competitors, and alternatives to consider.

Overview of ButterflyMX

ButterflyMX offers a video intercom and mobile access control system designed specifically for residential and commercial properties. Their key product offerings include:

  • Cloud-Based Video Intercom – Visitors call residents via the outdoor tablet. Residents see live video and can grant access via smartphone app.
  • Mobile Access Control – Residents and staff can open doors, gates and elevators from their iOS/Android device.
  • Keyless Entry – Contactless access via Bluetooth, WiFi, QR codes, Apple Watch and voice assistant integration.
  • Intercom Analytics – Review detailed logs of all access activity.
  • No In-Unit Hardware – The ButterflyMX intercom connects wirelessly to the mobile app, no in-unit wiring or hardware needed.

ButterflyMX markets itself as an affordable, convenient access control system that’s simple to install. With mobile access and keyless entry, it provides a modern, technology-driven solution. It integrates with many smart locks and access control systems as well.

ButterflyMX Competitors

While ButterflyMX has seen success, it also faces competition from established access control providers and other proptech startups offering similar solutions. Here are some of their top competitors:

  • Latch – One of ButterflyMX’s biggest competitors, Latch also provides a keyless access control system with smartphone app and smart lock integration.
  • Kisi – Offers customizable access control with a cloud-managed platform supporting doors, elevators, turnstiles and more. Provides both Bluetooth-enabled hardware and mobile access.
  • Brivo – Established access control provider with a large install base. Cloud-based system with mobile credentials and integration with identity management systems.
  • Openpath – Known for touchless wave-to-enter access control hardware. Also provides mobile access control with integration capabilities.
  • Yale – Traditional access control company now offering cloud managed solutions with mobile access integration.
  • PhoneEntry – Intercom and access control systems with both audio and video options. Used across multifamily, gated communities, offices, etc.
  • Vigilant – Provider of on-site and cloud-based access control solutions with extensive enterprise integration capabilities.

These competitors aim to provide the same core benefits as ButterflyMX – convenient mobile access control, keyless entry options, video intercom features and simple access management.

When evaluating ButterflyMX, looking at how their solution compares to these established vendors and proptech competitors is recommended.

Access Control Alternatives

In addition to direct competitors, there are a few other access control solutions property managers can consider:

  • Smart Locks – Standalone smart locks provide mobile access without a full access control system. Popular options include Schlage Encode, Level Lock, Igloohome smart locks.
  • Proximity Card Readers – Simple card readers can be linked to electric door strikes to control access. Easy retrofit solution.
  • Biometric Readers – Fingerprint, face and iris scanners can identify users and control access without cards, codes or apps.
  • Video Doorbells – Not a full access control solution but video doorbells like Ring can provide visual verification and communication at doors.

The right choice depends on a property’s needs and budget. Proximity cards and biometric readers are simple access solutions. Smart locks provide mobile access without the cost of a paid cloud platform. For full mobile access control with video intercom features, ButterflyMX provides a compelling solution compared to competitors.

Key Evaluation Criteria

When comparing ButterflyMX vs competitors and alternatives, property managers should focus on:

Cost – Hardware, software and installation costs
Mobile access – How robust is smartphone access control?
Ease of installation – Complexity of getting system up and running
Video features – Intercom, verification and recording capabilities
Smart home integrations – Compatibility with smart locks, cameras, sensors
Scalability – Can the system easily expand to multiple sites?
Security protocols – Encryption, data security and redundancy measures

ButterflyMX is cost-competitive, offers advanced mobile access with keyless entry features, and has proven large-scale implementations. The biggest differentiators are its video intercom capabilities and no in-unit wiring requirements.

For properties prioritizing a video intercom and easy installation and management, ButterflyMX emerges as a top choice.

ButterflyMX’s mobile-centric access control system competes with both established access control companies and new proptech players. Comparing capabilities and costs is important to determine the right solution for each property.

For most multifamily buildings and many offices, ButterflyMX can provide robust access control features without extensive in-unit hardware or wiring.

Their combination of smartphone access, video intercom and affordable pricing makes them a compelling provider for properties wanting to add modern, convenient access management.

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