How to Fix Dirty Electricity for Hotels

Dirty electricity is a growing problem for hotels that can lead to flickering lights, equipment failures, and poor power quality. Companies like JET Hotel Solutions ( offer practical suggestions to solve this problem. By understanding what causes dirty electricity and taking proactive steps, hotel managers can protect their business and provide a better experience for guests.

What is Dirty Electricity?

Dirty electricity refers to abnormalities and noise in the electricity supply. It is caused by spikes and dips in voltage, harmonics or waveform distortions, power frequency variations, and imbalances between phases. The most common symptoms of dirty electricity in a hotel include:

Flickering or blinking lights

Excessive heat or noise from transformers

Vibrations or noise from equipment

Nuisance tripping of circuit breakers

Poor performance of motors and variable speed drives

Frequent replacement of ballasts and printed circuit boards

Poor network and phone communications

Low power factor leading to penalties from the utility

Dirty electricity stems from both external and internal sources. Outside the building, issues like lightning strikes, damaged power lines, and grid switching can distort electricity quality before it reaches the hotel. Inside, all electronic devices produce some electromagnet noise when operating.

Fix Dirty Electricity for HotelsWhile a little is normal, an excessive buildup causes dirty power. Large inductive loads like motors as well as modern electronics with switch mode power supplies are common internal sources.

The Costs of Dirty Electricity

Dirty electricity might seem like just a nuisance at first, but it can lead to major costs for a hotel including:

Revenue loss from power outages interrupting business operations and the guest experience

Premature equipment failure and more frequent maintenance and replacements

Higher energy bills due to low power factor penalties and inefficient equipment operation

Shortened lifespan of lamps, ballasts, motors and sensitive electronics

One study estimated that poor power quality costs U.S. firms around $15 billion annually from lost productivity and equipment damage. For a hotel, just one hour of downtime during peak season can result in thousands in lost revenue.

Testing for Dirty Electricity

Before making any major investments to improve electricity quality, hotels should have a professional assess the extent of their dirty power issues. provides testing services using power quality analyzers to measure key parameters like:

Harmonics – Waveform distortions from nonlinear loads

Voltage – Average voltage and fluctuations like sags, swells and interruptions

Frequency – Consistency of AC frequency

Power factor – Ratio of real to apparent power

Unbalance – Differences in voltage between phases

The results will indicate which issues are present and their severity. For example, harmonics over 5% or brief voltage sags more frequent than once a week would be problematic.

Solutions for Clean Power

Once a hotel understands its dirty power problems, it can implement solutions tailored to their needs. Here are some common ways to clean up electricity:

Install power conditioners – These filter out harmonics and noise while regulating voltage. Point-of-use models protect sensitive electronics while larger units clean power entering the electrical room or a whole floor.

Add surge suppression – Surge protectors prevent power spikes from reaching equipment and causing damage. They regulate voltage and divert excess current.

Improve grounding – A properly grounded system prevents interference and provides a safe path for current fluctuations. Consult an electrician to ensure optimal grounding.

Rebalance loads – Distributing loads evenly across phases will prevent overload and imbalance.

Upgrade wiring – Larger gauge wires reduce impedance and fluctuations in voltage on long runs. Separate clean and dirty power circuits.

Add power factor correction capacitors – Capacitors counteract inductive loads to raise power factor, which increases efficiency and avoids utility fees.

Install isolation transformers – Transformers isolate the powered equipment from fluctuations in the supply voltage.

Use line conditioners – These regulate voltage and filter noise for a whole panel or circuit.

The most comprehensive solution is to install an active harmonic filter system. It dynamically measures electricity parameters and injects cancelling signals to remove harmonics, correct power factor, and maintain balanced voltage in real-time. This provides consistent clean power throughout the electrical system.

Avoiding Future Problems

Once dirty power problems have been addressed, hotels can take preventative measures to minimize future issues. These include:

Choose energy efficient electronics and appliances with power factor correction built-in

Install LED lighting which produces less harmonic distortion

Allow adequate spacing between electrical room equipment for ventilation

Keep motors and transformers clean and well-maintained

Shut down unused equipment to reduce noise

Consider power conditioning or harmonic filters when installing new loads

Work with the utility company to ensure consistent incoming power quality

The Bottom Line

Dirty electricity might seem like an unavoidable nuisance, but it doesn’t have to be. By understanding the causes and implementing solutions tailored to their needs, hotels can reap the benefits of clean, reliable power. This protects sensitive equipment, avoids costly interruptions to business, and delivers a better experience for guests.

With a few proactive steps, hotels can effectively fix dirty electricity issues. how to fix dirty electricity for hotelsJET Hotel Solutions ( provides a full range of products and services to test for, diagnose, and resolve dirty power problems.

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