New Build Technology Decisions

On all hotel build and renovation projects, the hotel owner and operators technology vision needs to be reviewed, confirmed and then applied to the design very early in the project.

All aspects of the hotel technology requirements and ultimate hotel technology operations must be pre-planned.

The Project technology Criteria development will follow this general process:

  1. Investigation Phase – An assessment of all available and emerging hotel technologies. Commonly, a “Technology matrix document is used to present and record the criteria decisions.
  2. Preliminary Visioning and acceptance proposed solutions
  3. Schematic design and Budgeting for the proposed solutions
  4. Formal Acceptance of the technology decision matrix and budget
  5. Final Design and Request for Proposal or Design-Build vendor pricing submittal

A detailed matrix for reference

The following matrix is provided as an in-progress understanding of the technology solutions planned for the property. The information shown is a potential record of conversations and generally are proposed technology solutions for review and confirmation by the hotel owner and operator. Brand standards should be consulted in all technology decisions.

NOTE: The RFP process will be for non-specified systems will be Multi-Vendor in order to be competitive.


Click any of the titles below for more details about what you’ll need to plan for in your front-facing hospitality business:

Technology matrix pre-questions

looking up in a hotelFor reference, below is a sample draft of the technology planning matrix. This document would need to be tailored to each property’s needs and technology vision.

  • Room Count and Floor layout: is there a set key count? Standard rooms, suites, Premium suites?
  • Location: Will the property be in a Metropolitan area, multi-acre ranch/mountain or Caribbean Villa style location?
  • Will the property be a 4 to 5-star major Brand or a Boutique style?
  • Is this property flagged with one of the major chains, and if so, are we to be held to any of their technology design standards (we need a copy of that document)?
  • Has a list of Property Back-Of-House Applications been established that required to interface into the Guest Room Control System: PMS, POS, Spa/Restaurant Reservations, etc.
  • Has an operator company been established yet – and if so, do they have any pre-set mandatory technology requirements and/or mandatory 3rd party providers that must be designed for?
  • Will there be any mixed use occupancy at this facility; Hotel Only, Partial Residential, Residential component to be rentable to the hotel?
  • What is the plan for Retail and restaurants? Will there be any branded restaurants?
  • Is the target Market youth, seasons business travelers, unknown?
  • Does the property plan to target a LEED status?
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