Enhancing Hotel Safety: How the Latest Technology and Training Can Make a Difference

As a hotelier, creating a welcoming atmosphere should be at the top of your priority list. Your establishment should be a safe haven where guests can relax and feel at ease, regardless of their background or reason for travel. Unfortunately, the reality is that hotels are not immune to incidents of violence, which can range from physical assault to human trafficking.

While it’s impossible to predict when or where a violent incident may occur, you can take a proactive approach to prevent such incidents from happening in your hotel. One effective strategy is to provide your staff with violence prevention training. This training should cover various topics, including how to identify and report suspicious behavior, how to handle difficult guests, and how to respond in an emergency.

In addition to training, equipping your staff with the latest technology can also help prevent violence and ensure guest safety. Panic buttons, for instance, can be distributed to employees to quickly alert security in case of an emergency. The latest surveillance cameras and access control systems can also help hotel staff monitor activity in and around the premises, allowing them to detect and respond to potential threats.

However, security measures should not be limited to the hotel staff. Guests also need to feel safe and secure during their stay. One way to achieve this is by implementing a security policy that outlines the measures taken to ensure guest safety, such as 24-hour security personnel and guest room locks that provide added security. Communicating this policy to guests upon check-in can help them feel more at ease during their stay.

How can hotels be proactive in preventing human trafficking?

Ttrafficking is a serious issue that unfortunately takes place in hotels more often than we would like to admit. Traffickers often choose hotels as a location to meet their victims because they provide a private and discreet setting. This is where hotel staff can play a vital role in identifying and preventing human trafficking from occurring.

The first step in preventing human trafficking in hotels is to provide employees with the necessary training to recognize the warning signs. Businesses Ending Slavery and Trafficking (BEST) offers a comprehensive training program that teaches hotel staff how to spot the signs of human trafficking and how to report any suspected incidents to law enforcement.

It’s important to note that not all cases of human trafficking are the same, and the signs can vary depending on the situation. Some common indicators of human trafficking include individuals who appear to be under the control of someone else, individuals who seem to be fearful or avoid eye contact, or individuals who are not allowed to speak for themselves.

By providing this training, hotel staff can become advocates for victims and help prevent human trafficking from taking place. Studies have shown that after taking BEST’s training, employees were more likely to identify potential cases of human trafficking and report them to the proper authorities.

In addition to training, hotels can also take other proactive measures to prevent human trafficking. For example, implementing a policy that requires guests to provide identification upon check-in can help deter traffickers from using hotels as a location to meet their victims.

How can hotels ensure the safety of their employees and prevent workplace violence?

As a hotel owner or manager, ensuring the safety of your employees should be a top priority. Unfortunately, hotel employees are at risk of workplace violence, particularly those who work in isolated spaces with hotel guests. This can be a major concern for housekeepers who often find themselves alone with guests in hotel rooms.

Technology to Make Hotels SaferAccording to The National Safety Council’s Injury Facts, the hospitality industry experienced over 2,000 injuries and 100 deaths related to workplace violence in 2013 alone. Additionally, a study published in the journal Gender, Work & Organization found that sexual harassment of female hotel workers is a widespread problem, with many employees experiencing inappropriate advances from male guests.

One effective solution to prevent workplace violence is to equip hotel employees with panic buttons. React Mobile is a company that provides panic buttons specifically designed for the hospitality industry. These buttons can be distributed to employees, including housekeepers, and can be used to quickly alert security in case of an emergency.

In addition to panic buttons, hotels can also take other proactive measures to ensure the safety of their employees. This can include implementing a zero-tolerance policy for workplace violence, providing training on how to identify and report incidents of violence, and conducting background checks on guests before they check-in.

How can panic buttons help hotels create a safer environment for guests and employees?

The use of panic buttons is becoming increasingly popular in the hospitality industry as hotels look for ways to ensure the safety of their guests and employees. Panic buttons can be distributed to employees, particularly those who work in isolated spaces such as housekeepers, and can be used to quickly alert security in case of an emergency.

One example of the successful implementation of panic buttons is at the Thunder Valley Casino Resort in Lincoln, California. React Mobile devices were recently installed throughout the resort, including all 408 guest rooms, and the system was fully installed in just two days. Housekeepers like Raquel Constancio at the resort have expressed relief and a sense of security with the added safety feature.

By implementing panic buttons, hotels can take proactive steps to prevent incidents of workplace violence and other emergency situations. Panic buttons can also help create a culture of safety within the hotel, which can lead to increased employee morale and job satisfaction.

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