Stay Safe (and Sane) at Work with Our Workplace Safety Platform – No Need for a Hazmat Suit!

Ensuring the safety and security of guests and employees is of paramount importance for hotel managers and operators. While traditional security measures such as security cameras and voice communication devices are commonly used, these technologies may fall short in larger properties with multiple floors and rooms. This is where a workplace safety platform comes in as a game-changing solution to enhance hotel safety.

A workplace safety platform provides a new tool for security team members to be notified of and respond to issues, offering them a more comprehensive and efficient way to handle safety and security concerns. With the support of a reliable safety platform, security teams can have access to more detailed information about the issue at hand, allowing them to respond more quickly and effectively to the scene.

But how does a workplace safety platform work in practice?

Imagine a guest complaining about a suspicious person loitering in the hotel lobby. With a safety platform in place, the security team member can receive an alert on their mobile device with the guest’s location and any additional details about the situation. They can then quickly assess the situation and take appropriate action, whether it’s to investigate the issue themselves or call for additional backup.

Stay Safe (and Sane) at Work with Our hotel Workplace Safety PlatformMoreover, a hotel safety platform can also help track and analyze security incidents, identifying patterns and trends that can inform future security measures. For instance, if multiple incidents of theft occur in a specific area of the hotel, the security team can take proactive steps to increase surveillance in that location.

What are the benefits of using a workplace safety platform for hotel security?

As a member of a security team at a large resort or casino property, ensuring the safety and security of guests and employees is a top priority. One technology that can significantly enhance hotel security is a workplace safety platform, which provides employees with panic buttons that they can activate to alert hotel security personnel in case of an emergency.

A workplace safety platform offers several benefits for hotel security personnel. Firstly, it provides an advanced layer of information to address an incident, including location data down to a floor and room number. This helps security personnel to pinpoint the exact location of an employee in distress and respond quickly to the scene.

In addition, a workplace safety platform allows security personnel to communicate with each other more efficiently, notifying that help is on the way and providing real-time data to arrive quickly to the scene to prevent a situation from becoming worse. This can be particularly crucial in high-pressure situations where time is of the essence.

What does a hotel security team member do when responding to an alert?

When a hotel security team member receives an alert, their primary concern is for the safety and well-being of the team member that activated the alert. We interviewed a hotel security personnel to gain insight into their process when responding to an alert.

The first thing that goes through their mind is concern and worry for the team member in distress. As they move towards the incident location, they begin to gather information and mentally prepare a tactically safe approach. While they typically fast walk to the scene, they would run if they received confirmation that the alert is legitimate and a team member is in danger.

Upon arrival at the incident location, the security team member interviews the team member that activated the alert to ensure that they are okay. They then conduct a quick search of the surrounding area to ensure that no hostile persons are hiding nearby and influencing the team member’s response. After that, they review surveillance video to confirm that the alert was not an accidental activation.

To respond faster to an incident, some hotels have installed beacons at various locations throughout the property to help narrow down the team member’s exact location during an active alert. This has helped the security personnel to locate the team member’s alert quickly and respond promptly.

How can a workplace safety platform protect hotel team members in the long term?

While workplace incidents may be rare at hotel properties, it’s crucial to have measures in place to protect team members from dangers such as violent assault and sexual harassment. This is where a workplace safety platform comes in, providing a reliable and efficient way to respond to emergencies and ensure the safety of all employees.

By implementing a safety platform and process to respond to incidents, hotels create an environment where everyone feels comfortable and protected. This not only benefits team members but also enhances the overall guest experience, as guests are more likely to feel secure and at ease knowing that the hotel prioritizes safety and security.

Having a workplace safety platform in place can have long-term benefits for hotel team members. For instance, it can help to prevent incidents from occurring in the first place by acting as a deterrent to bad actors who may be discouraged from committing crimes knowing that the hotel has robust safety measures in place.

A safety platform can also help to identify patterns and trends in incidents, allowing the hotel to take proactive measures to address potential safety issues. For example, if multiple incidents of harassment occur in a particular area of the hotel, the hotel can increase surveillance and take steps to prevent future incidents from happening.

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