AXIS Vs. Digital Watchdog for Hotels

AXIS Vs. Digital Watchdog: Both companies offer high-quality cameras, recorders, software, and other accessories tailored for hotel security needs. However, deciding between AXIS and Digital Watchdog can be challenging given the strengths of each brand. This article provides an overview comparing AXIS and Digital Watchdog products to help hotel owners make an informed decision when selecting security solutions.

About AXIS Communications and Digital Watchdog

AXIS Communications, founded in 1984 and headquartered in Lund, Sweden, specializes in network video surveillance equipment and products. AXIS was the first company to introduce network cameras based on internet protocol (IP), revolutionizing the security camera industry. Today, AXIS is a leading global provider of security solutions, offering a wide portfolio of products including IP cameras, video encoders, access control systems, video management software, audio systems and door stations. AXIS products are known for their high-quality video, easy installation, remote accessibility and integration with other systems.

About AXIS Communications and Digital WatchdogDigital Watchdog, founded in 1988 and based in Florida, USA, manufactures video surveillance equipment including cameras, recorders and software. The company focuses on designing affordable, high-quality video surveillance solutions that are easy to install and use. Digital Watchdog’s product line includes megapixel, HD, wireless and mobile surveillance cameras as well as NVRs, video management software, mobile apps and various accessories. The company prides itself on delivering advanced features, robust construction and intuitive interfaces across its product portfolio.

Key Product Comparisons


When comparing AXIS and Digital Watchdog cameras, both brands offer high-resolution IP camera models suitable for hotel surveillance. However, there are some notable differences:

AXIS PTZ Cameras: AXIS offers a wide selection of pan, tilt, zoom (PTZ) cameras with panoramic views, 20x optical zoom and auto-tracking features ideal for monitoring large hotel areas like lobbies, banquet halls and outdoor premises. Popular AXIS PTZ models include the AXIS P56 Series and AXIS Q60 Series which produce crisp 1080p video with H.264 compression.

Key Product ComparisonsDigital Watchdog Mobile/Body Cameras: Digital Watchdog provides unique mobile cameras like the HD Wearable Body Camera and VMAX Mobile Camera designed for security officers monitoring hotel premises. The mobile cameras capture audio/video evidence and integrate with Digital Watchdog software and apps.

Low Light Performance: AXIS Darkfighter cameras excel in low light conditions with Lightfinder technology while Digital Watchdog cameras like the MEGApix® models deliver NightVision+ low light images. Both brands offer strong night vision capabilities.

Durability: AXIS cameras boast IK10 vandal-resistance ratings and IP66 weatherproof designs. Digital Watchdog cameras meet IK10 and IP67 ratings with weatherproof aluminum housings.

Overall, both AXIS and Digital Watchdog provide hotel owners with a robust selection of high-quality IP cameras with features like panoramic views, excellent low light images and vandal/weather resistance. AXIS offers more PTZ and discreet camera options while Digital Watchdog provides unique mobile cameras.


For recording security video from multiple cameras, AXIS and Digital Watchdog offer reliable network video recorders (NVRs):

AXIS S3008 Recorder: An 8-channel NVR supporting up to 6MP resolution per channel. Designed for smaller hotels, it provides H.265 compression, motion detection, edge storage and integration with AXIS Camera Station software. Its compact, rack-mountable design simplifies installation.
Digital Watchdog Blackjack NVRs: Feature-rich NVRs available in 8, 16 and 32-channel models supporting up to 12MP resolution. Blackjack NVRs offer H.264/H.265 compression, up to 240 TB storage, VMS integration and RAID 0/1/5/10 support. The expandable devices suit medium to large hotel setups.
Remote Accessibility: Both AXIS and Digital Watchdog NVRs enable remote viewing and control of security cameras via software clients and mobile apps. Useful for multi-location hotel chains.

Overall, AXIS and Digital Watchdog NVRs both provide robust, enterprise-level recording capabilities for hotels. AXIS offers a streamlined plug-and-play NVR while Digital Watchdog provides more advanced NVR models with expansive features like extensive storage and RAID support.

Software Solutions

For video management and analytics, AXIS and Digital Watchdog offer their own software platforms:

  1. AXIS Camera Station: provided free with AXIS recorders and cameras, Camera Station allows for video monitoring, recording, playback and motion detection analytics. The VMS supports H.264/H.265 compression and integrates well with AXIS products. Camera licenses must be renewed annually.
  2. DW Spectrum: Digital Watchdog’s VMS provides an intuitive interface, drag-and-drop configuration and video wall capabilities. It integrates with access control systems and offers useful tools like people counting, heat maps and POS transaction linking for analytics. Perpetual license options are available.

Both platforms allow central management of multiple hotel locations. DW Spectrum provides more advanced analytics and perpetual licensing while AXIS Camera Station simplifies basic camera integration. For hotels seeking more advanced analytics, Digital Watchdog may have the edge.


To complete hotel video surveillance systems, both brands provide useful accessories:

  • AXIS T8705 Video Decoder: Allows integrating analog cameras into IP-based AXIS systems. Helpful for hotels with existing analog cameras.
  • Digital Watchdog MEGPack Weatherproof Housings: Rugged enclosures to protect exterior hotel cameras from harsh weather and tampering.
  • AXIS T61 Audio and Intercom Systems: Enable two-way audio communication between hotel security staff and remote camera locations.
  • Digital Watchdog VMAX A1 Fisheye Cameras: 180° and 360° panoramic views suitable for covering wide hotel lobbies and dining areas.

Overall, both AXIS and Digital Watchdog offer accessories fitting major hotel video surveillance needs from weatherproofing to audio systems and panoramic cameras.

Streaming and Integration

When it comes to streaming protocols and integrations, AXIS and Digital Watchdog are on par:

  • Streaming Protocols: Both brands support H.264, H.265, MJPEG streaming with ePoE, WiFi and 4G options for flexible deployments.
  • Integrations: AXIS and Digital Watchdog cameras integrate with top video management systems like Genetec, Milestone, Avigilon, etc. as ONVIF Profile S compliant devices. They also integrate with access control platforms like Lenel, AMAG, and ASSA ABLOY.
  • API Support: APIs offered by both companies allow integration with hotel Property Management Systems and automation platforms.

For multi-system hotels, AXIS and Digital Watchdog provide the requisite streaming protocols and open APIs needed to integrate with existing hotel platforms and security software.

Streaming and Integration


Axis and Digital Watchdog are compliant with security standards relevant for the hospitality industry:

  • NDAA Compliant: Both brands avoid banned Chinese components and comply with NDAA regulations per U.S. federal requirements. Crucial for U.S. hotels receiving government contracts.
  • ONVIF Support: Axis and Digital Watchdog cameras support ONVIF Profiles S and G for interoperability between different vendor systems. Useful for hotels with multi-vendor environments.
  • Data Protection: AXIS and Digital Watchdog provide cybersecurity protections like signed firmware, secure boot, TLS/SSL encryption, and other measures aligned to standards like GDPR. Important for hotel guest and payment data privacy.
  • Industry Standards: The brands adhere to certifications like UL and CE ensuring the products meet safety and performance standards for hotel installations.

With compliance to major security standards and industry regulations, both AXIS and Digital Watchdog represent safe, interoperable options for hotel owners.

Recommendations for Hotels

Based on this comparison between AXIS and Digital Watchdog product offerings, here are some recommendations for hotels of different sizes and needs:

Boutique Hotels:

For smaller hotels with straightforward needs, AXIS provides an easy-to-implement plug-and-play system with quality IP cameras, compact NVRs and accessible software. Budget-conscious hotels can benefit from AXIS system bundles that provide the essential components.

Large/Enterprise Hotels:

Larger hotels that need significant camera counts, expansive coverage and advanced analytics will benefit from Digital Watchdog’s feature-rich cameras, expandable Blackjack NVRs and intelligent DW Spectrum software. The complete Digital Watchdog system can scale up to cover any hotel surveillance needs.

Chain Hotels:

For multi-location hotels with existing Legacy systems, both AXIS and Digital Watchdog provide the integrations needed to consolidate new and old system components. AXIS encoders can incorporate analog cameras while both brands support open APIs for property management system integration.

High-Security Needs:

For hotels that need heightened security and surveillance like casinos or high-end city hotels, both AXIS and Digital Watchdog offer 4K ultra HD cameras for extremely sharp image quality and analytics. AXIS radar integration, cross line detection and loitering analytics along with Digital Watchdog’s smart motion detection provide advanced tools for security management.

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