Dedicated Fiber Internet Access for Hotels

In order to support the growing demand for high speed internet access and reliable WiFi connections at hotels, hotel owners and managers have to consider if dedicated internet access is right for them. As more and more guests rely on having the best hotel internet while traveling, having a hotel internet service provider with high internet bandwidth and dedicated support is crucial to ensuring the best possible guest experience. Here are a few questions and answers that can help hotels determine if having a dedicate internet access provider is the best choice for their hotel.

What is Dedicated Internet Access?

The vast majority of broadband, DSL, and high speed internet services are what is called “Best Effort.” With best-effort services, customers share a path to the internet, and thus service speeds can vary depending on traffic load. This type of internet connection is common place in residential areas and small businesses as it is a cost-effective solution. However, for businesses that rely on consistent high speeds with guaranteed bandwidth, “best effort” internet connections come with an inherent risk of slower performance and poor internet load times.

Dedicated Internet Access, or DIA, offers a fully dedicated fiber path to the internet. In layman’s terms, the business/user has their own private lane on the information super highway. DIA service offers consistent performance because the bandwidth the hotel chooses is always available and guaranteed to be at the chosen level. The type of internet service, DIA, delivers the subscribed speed of internet regardless of “congestion” caused by an increased demand due to time of day or increase number of users requesting access to the web. An added benefit of Dedicated Internet Access is that it also support symmetrical upload and download speeds so you will be able to receive files as quickly as you send them.

Why is Dedicated Internet Access Critical to the Hotel Industry?

Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) helps hotels address their bandwidth needs by providing speed, flexibility, and consistent reliability for staff to meet business-critical functions. In addition to being a vital asset for hotel staff, DIA provides hotel guests services like complimentary WiFi with high speed internet and reliability they have come to expect.

Arguably, one of, if not THE, best benefit of DIA is its scalability. DIA scales gracefully to meet the growing bandwidth demands of both the business and guests. What this means, is the hotel doesn’t need to bring in additional hardware to address the increased bandwidth needs. For hotel staff and guests, this also means that DIA provides what is called symmetrical speeds; or simply put, download and upload speeds that are equal in speed depending on your bandwidth plan.

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What to Consider When Evaluating a DIA Provider

Here are some additional questions to consider when determining if a Direct Internet Access provider for your hotel is the right choice:

  • Does the provider have 24/7, 365 days a year network monitoring?
  • Can the provider easily scale speeds without having to add new hardware?
  • Is there a redundant network configuration to reduce the risk of any network downtime?
  • Is network performance backed by end-to-end service level agreements and supported by local, responsive customer and technical service teams?
  • Does the provider have the flexibility to tailor hotel internet services based on specific needs?

If the answer is “Yes” to ALL of these questions, then you’re looking at a Dedicated Internet Service provider that will be suitable for your hotel’s needs. At Jet Hotel Solutions, we take pride in providing the best hotel internet service packages at costs your establishment can afford. Contact us to learn more today.

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