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What are Employee Safety Devices?

Due to the nature of their jobs, hotel employees often work alone and work late hours. Consequently, they are vulnerable to sexual assaults and workplace violence. 58% of hotel workers disclosed that they have been sexually harassed or assaulted during the course of their work.

The response has been to pass employee safety device legislation in 8 states, a dozen cities and several state-sponsored unions. Hotels have also heard the call and sounded their industry alarm to the effect of producing a 5 Star Promise. According to the AHLA, almost 60 hotel companies representing 20,000 properties have made the pledge to equip employees with panic buttons/ safety devices as a part of the AHLA’s 5-star promise.

What is Hilton’s Panic Button Deadline?

Illinois, New Jersey, Washington, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada and New Mexico have all put forward state-wide legislation. Miami Beach, several cities in California, DC, Portland and others have passed local municipal law. And, unions in Las Vegas, New York and the like have demanded all lone workers have access to this life-saving technology.

Marriott led the way by equipping a number of their hotels with Panic Buttons back as early as 2015. IHG and others have had initiatives in the past few years. Hilton has a December 2021 deadline coming up soon.

Download our White Paper  for further specifics on the origins and intent of Staff Alert. Find out its requirements and detailed ways to simplify and mitigate risk, up to and including full hotel panic button compliance.

Hotel Panic Buttons


Learn the requirements and solutions for Staff Alert compliance.

Be Informed. Don’t Go It Alone!

It is highly recommended for the hotel owners to weigh all options for coming into compliance for existing hotels, as it may be possible to meet requirements while reducing overall operational expenses and mitigating risk.

CONTACT JET Hotel Solutions to assist in the selection and help oversee the deployment of your employee safety devices. We will help ensure The Staff Alert requirements are met by all involved parties coupled with a thorough QA Test of the system to ensure compliance.

Best Choice

TOP 8 Providers to Watch for Your Hotel’s Panic Button Solution

  1. Assa Abloy : Assa Abloy first joined the charge with Marriott as their Preferred vendor. They released an audible alarm and typically run on the hotel’s Wi-Fi. 
  2. AT&T : The approved solution for all major brands, AT&T relies on their cellular backbone, but also has an option that uses ultrasonic frequencies.
  3. Enseo Madesafe : Enseo is currently an approved vendor for Marriott, Hilton, IHG and others. Their Wi-Fi solution is centrally managed at a dedicated Madesafe Station (dedicated monitor).
  4. PWC : Hilton’s Preferred provider, PwC, adds LoRaWAN technology to fill Wi-Fi and Cellular “dead spots” with an RF signal.
  5. React Mobile : React has developed 2 solutions: Cellular & Wi-Fi, the latter of which pairs with the staff’s personal mobile device.
  6. Relay : A wireless company, Relay’s solution provides a 2-way radio for verbal communication that can be used in place of the walkie talkies many hotels use.
  7. Roar For Good : Marriott Vacation’s approved vendor, Roar got its start in 2014 as a personal panic button company selling through Amazon. They’ve developed an award-winning solution that leverages battery-powered beacons.
  8. TraknProtect : Starting as an IoT asset-tracking company, TraknProtect’s CEO Parminder Batra helped HTNG/AHLA bring panic buttons into the industry. They are now approved with Marriott, IHG, and Avendra.


Are You Panic Button Ready?

JET Hotel Solutions, acting as the Owner’s Advocate for hotels and businesses, would like to clarify and simplify several aspects of The Staff Alert initiative for hotels, businesses, and organizations and then share ways to meet new requirements and, thus, mitigate risk.

Download our White Paper to find out more about Staff Alert Panic Buttons!

Vendor Spotlight: RelayPro

Hotel panic buttons are a new requirement for hotels, but they don’t have to be a new expense. RelayPro was recently approved by Marriott, IHG and Choice hotels and has been installed in nearly 2,000 properties.  RelayPro is BOTH a 4G/Wi-Fi walkie talkie and a cutting-edge panic button with VOICE communication.