Hotel Electric Over Air Switch

Staying in a hotel can be a luxurious experience, with amenities and services that pamper guests. But behind the scenes, hotels face major challenges in keeping their facilities safe, especially in wet areas like bathrooms, pools, and spas. Preventing accidental electrocutions and ensuring uninterrupted service requires innovative engineering solutions.

This is where a specialized type of switch, the electric over air switch, comes into play.

What Are Electric Over Air Switches?

Electric Over Air SwitchElectric over air switches, also known as air switches or pneumatic switches, are a unique type of switch commonly used in hotels. They consist of two main components:

1.  A remote push button or foot pedal actuator that initiates a puff of air when pressed.

2.  An air-activated switch connected to the electrical circuit that gets triggered by the puff of air.

The puff of air is transmitted through plastic tubing, allowing the user to activate an electrical device from a distance without directly touching any wires. The physical separation between the user and the powered switch makes electric over air switches extremely safe.

Key Benefits of Electric Over Air Switches for Hotels

1.  Prevent Accidental Electrocution

Safety is paramount for hotels, especially in wet areas. Standard electrical switches pose electrocution risks when operated with wet hands, as water is an excellent conductor of electricity. Electric over air switches remove this hazard by eliminating any contact between the user and live electrical components. The remote actuator can be safely used even with wet hands or while sitting partially submerged in water.

2.  Allow Flexible Placement

Since air switches are activated remotely, the electrical switch can be installed in a protected area away from water sources. The push button just needs to be in a location convenient for the user. This flexibility allows optimal placement to enhance safety.

3.  Operate Reliably in Wet Conditions

Unlike standard switches, air switches contain no moving electrical contacts. The puff of air simply actuates a diaphragm to trigger the circuit. This simple mechanism has no electrical components and continues working reliably when exposed to splashing or condensation over long-term use.

4.  Provide Wireless Control

The push button actuator is connected to the air switch by inexpensive plastic tubing that can extend over 15 feet. This wireless pneumatic connection avoids any need to run electrical wires through walls and allows convenient placement of controls.

5.  Resist Damage from Chemical Exposure

Some hotel areas like pools and spas require frequent sanitizing with harsh chemicals. Air switch components made from plastic and rubber withstand chemical exposure that can damage metal electrical components.

6.  Lower Maintenance Costs

Since air switches have no moving electrical contacts, they do not wear out nearly as quickly as standard switches. Their durable construction better withstands constant use by hotel guests. Fewer switch failures translate into lower replacement costs.


Common Hotel Applications

1.  Hot Tubs

Relaxing in a bubbly hot tub is a favorite hotel indulgence. But standard electrical controls pose a major safety hazard due to contact with water. Air switches allow guests to conveniently control jets and lights during their soak without risk. The air tubing can run underground from a deck-mounted actuator button.

2.  Public Showers

Hotel gyms, spas, and pools often have communal shower facilities. While washing, the last thing a guest wants to worry about is grabbing an electrified switch. Air switches mounted away from the water let patrons safely turn showers on and off during use.

3.  Bathroom Lighting and Exhausts

Controlling lights and ventilation fans with wet hands after a shower is problematic. Air switches for mounting on walls or ceilings outside the shower simplify adding or upgrading bathroom facilities. The push button can be conveniently located by the bathroom door for guests to use when entering or exiting.

4.  Pool Equipment

Behind the scenes, air switches provide a safe way for staff to control pools pumps, filters, and heating systems. The pneumatic tubing can run long distances between equipment rooms and easily accessible actuator switches. Air switches prevent electric shocks that could lead to serious injury or death.

5.  Water Features

Intricately landscaped waterfalls, fountains, and other water features create impressive ambience. But access behind these attractions is very constrained, making service difficult. Air switches allow water circulation pumps to be controlled from remote actuators conveniently placed out of sight of guests. No electrical wires need to be routed inside cramped spaces.

6.  Laundry and Kitchen Equipment

Wet slippery floors are a hazard around sinks and commercial washers. Large appliances like disposals, pumps, and dishwasher require high electrical loads. Air switches allow staff to safely control equipment from adjacent counters or across the room. There is no risk of electric shock even if activating the switch with wet hands.

Innovative Engineering for Reliability

Leading air switch manufacturers utilize innovative designs that enhance performance and reliability. Here are some key features:

·        Tough durable housings withstand constant pressing and chemical exposure. Electronics are completely sealed from moisture.

·        Compensation ports balance internal air pressure as temperatures fluctuate to prevent malfunctions.

·        Sensitive diaphragms respond to small puffs of air, enabling long tube runs.

·        Rating options from 10 to 25 amps accommodate a wide range of loads.

·        UL and CE certifications verify safety for worldwide use.

·        Multiple contact blocks enable control of two separate circuits from one air actuator.

·        Gold-plated contacts, bifurcated crossbars, and wipe actions provide reliable switching even at low 10 milliamp loads.

·        Snap action contacts properly engage even if not fully pressed.

Simplified Maintenance and Upgrade

Unlike wiring in electrical switches, the small pneumatic tubing in air switches contains no moving parts or contacts to wear out. Maintenance is generally limited to occasionally checking for cracks or leaks in tubing. Damaged tubing is easily replaced without any electrical work.

Hotel Electric Over Air SwitchFor upgrades, new air switches can be installed without having to access confined wiring spaces. Runs of tubing from existing actuators can simply be removed from old switches and connected to new ones. Avoiding complex electrical modifications makes upgrades simple.

Air Switch Selection Considerations

When selecting air switches for hotel installations, here are some key considerations:

·        Electrical load and voltage to determine required switch rating and contact style

·        Number of circuits needing control from each actuator

·        Actuator type (push button, foot pedal, etc)

·        Actuator location versus switch installation location to determine tubing length

·        Latching or momentary action depending on whether the load needs to remain on after pressing or shut off immediately upon release

·        Chemical exposure and need for corrosion resistance

·        Ambient temperature fluctuations and need for pressure compensation

·        UL listing for safety and compliance with local electrical codes

By carefully taking into account all these factors, hotel maintenance teams can easily identify optimal air switch models for their specific application requirements.

The Safe and Convenient Alternative

Electric over air switches provide hotels an innovative switching solution with many advantages over standard electrical switches. Their unique wireless operation via air pressure removes all risk of accidental electrocution in wet environments. Air switches are extremely convenient to use, install, upgrade, and maintain. With their durable and reliable performance, air switches simplify hotel operations and enhance guest safety. Considering their numerous benefits, electric over air switches are an excellent choice for hotel applications.


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