Hotels Turn to Panic Buttons in Order to Protect Employees Against Sexual Harassment and Assault

How Some Hotels are Staying Ahead of The Curve When It Comes to Employee Safety

Many hotels are scrambling to enact safety measures to protect their employees from potentially dangerous and uncomfortable situations.  Because of the nature of their work, many hotel workers are required to work alone and to work late at night.  Subsequently these employees are vulnerable to sexual harassment and assault.

Protecting employees from potentially dangerous situations with safety devices

Many hotels in cities in California, Florida, Illinois, Nevada, New Jersey and Washington have begun equipping their employees with safety devices such as panic buttons to enhance employee safety.  Hotels are turning to panic buttons in an effort to protect employees and also to adhere to hotel panic button regulations.

These safety devices are crucial in restoring confidence in the hotel industry by ensuring the safety of hotel staff.  These safety devices allow employees who are placed in potentially dangerous situations to receive assistance within minutes.

How do the safety devices work?

·      They dispatch emergency alerts that provide exact locations, allowing responders to reach them within minutes.

·      They summon security in the event of an altercation on the premises.

·      They inform management of guests who are in distress or who appear to be ill.

·      They alert first responders if there are any virus outbreaks, such as COVID-19.

While some hotels have established themselves as leaders of the pack when it comes to employee safety, many hotels are still in the planning stages of implementing security measures that will protect their employees.  These hotels require the expertise and guidance of an experienced company and this is where we come in.