Ways for hotels to advance their technology

Technology is an ever-changing landscape, but with the right services, you can be sure to stay up to date. Here are x ways hotels can advance their technology so they’re up to date.

A better phone system

State of the art SIP phone circuits works with VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocal) phones to give the best call quality and clarity. If there’s a storm nearby, the quality will not be hindered nor will the call be dropped. With this phone plan, you will have unmetered and unlimited phone calls — no more hidden or surprise charges.

According to Ray Baum’s Act, hotel guests should be able to call 911 without a problem and a responder should be able to know where they are (room in the hotel). This allows for better safety for the guest.

Faster internet connection

Not all managed routers are created equal and can come with hidden costs, or worse, throttled performance.

Your guests deserve the best internet connection for working and streaming.

So much is done via the internet now: surfing the web, sharing content, watching movies, education, and many other things. Having high-speed internet allows your guests to do these things from the comfort of their own rooms.

Entertainment in the rooms

Guests need entertainment when staying in their rooms. Maybe it’s remaining outside or there’s not a lot for them to do nearby. Providing them with TV and internet services will give them something to do. Guests need HD and channel packages to satisfy their media cravings.

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