Hotel Phone Service

The keys to providing an amazing guest experience have not changed all that much in recent decades. They desire clean rooms, a nice pool, and an inviting bar. Although their desires have not changed all that much the guests of today have a new priority – a need to connect. Hoteliers and hospitality managers are presented with updated technologies that serve their customers digital guest experience from booking to checkout. High speed internet access, mobile applications that allow them to interact with guest services, and the absolute best in entertainment are among the top guest desires.

An area that is rarely considered for a facelift are the traditional antiquated phone systems. Traditional analog phone systems do not support basic digital features and leave management strapped with high costs for an older service. Reliable phone service is key to running a safe and successful business.

Out with the Old Guard – Analog Trunks

The costly mammoth old phone systems use analog formats. Phone lines, made of copper wire that connect a specific business location with a local phone company. The phone company connects the business to the Public Switched Telephone Network and calls can then be received and made. Compared to SIP trunking, the old analog trunks cost exponentially more and do not provide the same digital needs to guests and guest services.

What is SIP Trunking?

JET provides SIP trunking for hospitality. SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol and uses voice over Internet (VOIP) to connect to private branch exchange (PBX) to the Internet. The Internet takes the place of the phone company.

SIP trunks transmit calls over the Internet and enable businesses to replace their antiquated analog trunks that use the public switched telephone network with lines that transmit data digitally over high-speed Internet connections. By transmitting your calls over an Internet connection you bypass the local phone company’s exorbitant fees and charges. It also means that you do not pay a dime for trunks that you are not using. SIP trunking also makes long distance calling cost much less because providers include long distance calling into their flat rate prices of the SIP trunk. International calls are also much less than the traditional analog telephone trunk rates. SIP trunking also supports guest mobile devices, allowing their device to become an extension of the phone system. Providers of SIP have a national presence and thus provide great customer service and less downtime experience.

Are there any requirements for SIP Trunking?

Do you have an internet connection? Yes? Then, you are ready to GO-SIP. SIP trunks integrate seamlessly into already existing hardware and systems. Initial investments into SIP trunking are low and typically involve only expenses for the gateway box and potentially additional bandwidth.

Large chains will enjoy a large savings because you pay for the number of calls, rather than for each phone.

Let JET help you to guarantee a great guest experience. The newest and most reliable phone circuits are also the most economical and most compliant with municipal and federal laws.

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