Emergency Safety Systems

Emergency Phone POTS Line Replacement

Still Using Analog Phone Lines for Your Emergency Safety Systems?

You can expect a significant increase in monthly costs, as phone carriers are no longer required to service POTS lines.  Our digital all in one solution allows businesses to safely switch to a wireless system for their emergency safety systems, while being compliant of all the applicable regulations surrounding emergency safety.  Our digital POTS replacement solution allows your emergency safety systems to operate on a reliable cellular LTE or VoIP connection, that is more cost effective than analog phone lines.

POTS replacement emergency phone

FCC POTS Lines Forbearance Order 19-72A1

The deadline to replace traditional copper analog POTS Lines was August 2, 2022, but you can still make the switch!

Due to FCC POTS Lines Forbearance Order 19-72A1, telecommunications carriers, such as Verizon, AT&T, Lumens, Windstream, and smaller resellers, are not legally required to service POTS Lines.

 Monthly Pricing Increase

Telecommunications carriers are increasing the price for existing POTS lines between 75% – 200% in a concerted effort to force customer migration away from the antiquated POTS Line infrastructure.

Reduction in Provided Maintenance Support 

Telecommunication carriers are no longer required to service POTS Lines, therefore rendering them an obsolete technology.  Businesses will be left with an increase in monthly expenses and receive less maintenance, resulting in a continuous reduction in support.

Why Should You Make the Switch to Digital?

Our digital emergency phone line replacement solution allows businesses to safely replace their traditional phone lines.  Our solution is uniquely designed to fit the specific POTS replacement needs of your business, allowing phone lines to operate using a digital connection that offers a more reliable service and more options than traditional phone lines.

Substancial Monthly Savings

The FCC and phone carriers are no longer required to support and service analog copper telephone lines, resulting in a significant increase in pricing.  Our digital all in one solution provides businesses with one flat rate and one bill that can help to reduce monthly expenses by up to 60%.  You can now expect savings on your monthly bill, while receiving a more reliable service than with traditional phone lines.

Continuous Service Without Disruption

A separate battery source allows our POTS line replacement devices to continuously operate in the event of a power outage.  All your critical systems will continue to function for up to 8 hours during a power outage.

Data Security for Critical Systems

Our digital emergency phone line replacement service operates over a secure wireless network and is encrypted to protect your data, while offering a more reliable service than traditional phone lines.  Traditional emergency phone lines are prone to damage, with businesses running the risk of lines becoming compromised, disconnected, or cut.

Regulations Compliant

Our POTS replacement devices are specifically designed to meet the applicable compliance guidelines.

UL 62368-1
UL 2054
UL 864
UN 38.3
Payment Card Industry (PCI)
Federal Communications Commission

Failsafe POTS Replacement Solution

Digital Emergency POTS Phone Line Replacement Devices

Our devices provide a digital connection with the same capability as traditional emergency POTS lines but utilizing a cellular LTE or VoIP connection instead.  Phone carriers are no longer required to service POTS lines causing the technology to become antiquated.  Our digital replacement devices can ensure that you make a safe transition to a wireless system while saving on the rising cost of an outdated infrastructure.

POTS Replacement installation service is performed by Ooma, as well as a pre-install site survey to ensure a smooth transition.

Ooma AirDial

The cost of traditional phone lines is increasing due to the decrease in the number of copper lines.  Ooma AirDial is a POTS line replacement solution that keeps your analog phone line systems and other mission-critical legacy devices connected and offers reliable service over a dedicated wireless network.