FCC Forbearance Order 19-72A1

FCC Forbearance Order 19-72A1: What’s All the Fuss About?

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What are POTS Lines?

POTS or Plain Old Telephone Service is the traditional landline telephone system that dates back to Alexander Graham Bell, POTS lines has been utilized for over 100 years.  This system used to be the main telephone system for business phones and communications.  POTS lines rely on an analog dial up infrastructure, this technology has remained relatively unchanged but has had upgrades that brought telephones lines from overheard poles to currently being run underground.

Why are POTS Lines Being Replaced?

POTS lines have become an antiquated technology that has remained virtually unchanged for over 100 years.  Telecommunications providers like Verizon and AT&T consider these analog copper telephone lines to be obsolete, which has led the FCC to issue a mandate to decommission POTS lines.  Over recent years, businesses have begun migrating towards other types of communications networks such as fiber and wireless for their business communication needs, resulting in a decline in the use of traditional phone lines.   According to the FCC, between December 2008 and June 2017, the use of traditional telephone lines services fell by 49%, while business interconnected VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) subscriptions increased by over 1,062%.  VoIP is a process by which business telephone systems can operate using an internet connection.

FCC Forbearance Order 19-72A1

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Phone carriers are no longer required to service analog copper telephone lines as per the FCC’s Forbearance Order 19-72A1.  The order requires that resellers and customers who utilize POTS line services move to an alternative service on or before August 2, 2022.  The FCC and most major telecommunications providers are making the push for POTS replacement and moving to wireless and fiber connections, beginning in 2022.

This order will affect businesses and commercial buildings that are still using POTS lines services for their devices, including Fire & Security Systems, Fax Machines, Elevators, Voice Services, Point of Sale Systems, Gate Access Systems, ATMs and Emergency Safety System.

How Does Forbearance Order 19-72A1 Impact Your Building?

Your business will be impacted in two main ways, the continuous increase in monthly costs and the continuous reduction in support, POTS lines will become more expensive to maintain and to operate.  Some businesses are still dependent on POTS line services for their mission critical systems, including fire alarms, security systems, emergency call boxes and elevator call boxes.  It is essential that there is no disruption in these systems, as it could result in slower response times during an emergency or even loss of life, and will also have an impact on your revenue.

Businesses and commercial buildings that still utilize POTS lines services can expect a significant monthly pricing increase, as telecommunications carriers are increasing the price for existing POTS lines between 75% and 200% in a concerted effort to force customer migration away from the antiquated POTS Line infrastructure.

Telecommunication carriers are also no longer required to service POTS Lines, therefore rendering them an obsolete technology.  Businesses will be left with an increase in monthly expenses and receive less maintenance, resulting in a continuous reduction in support.

POTS Replacement Options

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POTS replacement is important and businesses and commercial buildings have options available that can modernize their POTS line technology and keep their mission critical systems functioning properly.  There are two primary ways to modernize POTS line technology, VoIP technology and cellular technology.  VoIP is a technology that allows you to make calls using and internet connection instead of a traditional analog phone line.  Cellular technology utilizes 4G and 5G cellular networks, both methods offer features and services that are not available with a traditional phone line or are available for an additional fee.

Our POTS Replacement Solution

Our POTS lines replacement solution allows businesses with older devices that utilize POTS line services to switch to a cellular or VoIP connection and still keep their legacy devices.  Businesses can make the switch to a digital connection that offers the same capability as traditional telephone lines, with more options while saving on the rising cost of an outdated infrastructure.  POTS lines offer less options than digital systems and are becoming less reliable and more expensive to service and maintain.  Our POTS replacement services, replaces old copper telephone lines specifically for Fire & Security Systems, Fax Machines, Elevators, Voice Services, Point of Sale Systems, Gate Access, ATMs and Emergency Safety Systems for businesses and commercial buildings.

Monthly Savings
The cost of copper lines has increased exponentially, and prices are expected to continue to rise.  The FCC and phone carriers are no longer required to support and service analog copper telephone lines, resulting in higher monthly costs.  Our POTS replacement all-in-one solution offers businesses one bill and one flat rate, allowing them to see a 60% reduction in monthly costs with a more reliable connection than with traditional phone lines.

Continuous service without disruption
Our digital technology ensures that your systems will operate continuously even during a power outage.  A separate battery source allows POTS line replacement devices to continuously operate in the event of a power outage.  All your mission-critical systems will continue to function for up to 8 hours during a power outage.

Data Security for Critical Systems
Our digital POTS line replacement solution operates over a secure wireless network and is encrypted to protect sensitive information.  Our solution offers a more reliable service than traditional phone lines, copper analog lines are prone to damage, with businesses running the risk of lines becoming compromised, disconnected, or cut.

Regulations Compliant
Our POTS replacement devices are specifically designed to meet the applicable compliance guidelines.

UL 62368-1
UL 2054
UL 864
UN 38.3
Payment Card Industry (PCI)
Federal Communications Commission

All in one Solution
Our all-in-one solution allows you to manage all your devices remotely from one portal while using your existing communications and critical systems.  Our solution keeps your POTS replacement needs simple with one provider for all your hardware, data and phone service needs.