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Can Digital Tipping Help Hotels to Retain Employees?

Digital tipping for hotels

More people are opting to travel with credit and debit cards and as a result, the number of tips that guests would normally leave hotel employees has reduced.  Hotels can invest in a digital tipping solution that quickly and accurately allows guests to tip hotel employees with the use of their mobile devices.  The Hospitality Industry is currently experiencing a labor shortage and hotels everywhere are looking for ways to lure employees back.  Some hotels have increased wages and have also turned to hotel technology as a means of getting employees to return to the Industry.  A digital tipping solution will give employees the opportunity to increase their earning potential by allowing guests to leave tips using credit/debit cards and digital wallets, offering employees an additional incentive to remain with hotels.

Canary Digital Tipping

Canary Digital Tipping is a highly customizable solution that allows hotels to increase the opportunity for staff compensation by allowing guests to effortlessly leave cashless tips.  The solution allows hotels to create its ideal digital tipping flow for their specific property, through a single easy to use platform.  Canary’s digital tipping works with all currencies without the need for guests to download any apps and makes it easy for tips to be distributed to hotel employees.  The digital tipping Solution offers guests multiple opportunities to leave tips throughout the guest journey.  Guests can leave tips via text messaging, email or using QR codes located throughout the property.  The solution also allows guests to use their mobile devices to leave tips to multiple staff members at once.

Features & Benefits

Design the Ideal Hotel Digital Tipping Flows
Hotels can create the digital tipping flows that works best for their needs, through a single easy-to-use platform.

Engage Guests at Multiple Touchpoints
Encourage digital tipping throughout the guest journey via text message, email, and/or QR codes located throughout the property to increase tipping frequency.

Receive Digital Tips from Guests by Department or Individual
Guests can use mobile device to send digital tips to multiple individuals at once.

Distribute Payment with Payroll Integrations
Simple automations make it easy for hoteliers to distribute tips to employees.

Automate Tax Forms
Canary handles all the administrative work for cashless, digital tips.

Unifocus Gratitude Digital Tipping

Digital tipping for hotels 1

Gratitude is a fully integrated digital tipping solution that gives guests the ability to tip hotel staff securely from their mobile devices.  The tipping solution does not require the downloading of any apps, allowing guests to simply scan the customized QR code and leave tips for all hotel employees, including valets and housekeepers.  Gratitude allows guests to tip digitally from Apple pay and Google Pay and lets hotels accurately distribute tips to the right employees.  The tipping solution is connected to Unifocus’s survey system and allows hotels to receive valuable feedback and make quick service adjustments.

Features & Benefits

One System
Tips are automatically directed to the right employees within one seamless workforce management system.

Day Pay
Instant pay capabilities allow managers to put earned wages into employees’ hands sooner.

White Labeled
A highly customizable tipping solution that gives guests the feeling of security and consistency.

One Simple Solution
QR Codes at multiple touch points throughout properties inspire guests to leave tips for hotel staff.

No App Necessary/ Scan and Tip
Guests scan the customized QR code and easily leave tips for housekeepers, valet staff and other under tipped employees.

Digital Wallet Integration
Gratitude allows guests to effortlessly make transactions using digital wallets such as Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Pulse Surveys
Gratitude is connected with the UniFocus survey system and allows hotels to collect quick feedback that helps to make quick service adjustments.

Youtip Digital Tipping

Youtip is a cashless and contactless digital tipping service that allows guests to tip staff without using cash.  Youtip’s Scan and Tip system does not require guests to download any apps, guests can tip directly through digital wallets such as Apple Pay and Google Pay.  Customers can access cashless tipping by scanning QR codes located anywhere in hotel rooms, valet stands or on employee badges.  Guests can also access Youtip through links received by text or email.  Youtip allows guests to leave valuable feedback about their hotel experience, customers can rate their experience with employees and with the hotel’s service.

Features & Benefits

Scan & Tip
Direct access to digital wallets.
No app download is required to use youtip.
Quick & simple transaction using digital wallets such as Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Powerful Feedback Tool
Post-tip feedback screen lets customers rate employees, service levels, and leave helpful feedback.
Ratings can be 1-5 stars or a Net Promoter Score.

Versatile & Pervasive
Customers can access tipping screens on their phones by scanning QR codes or links sent via text or email.
QR codes can be placed anywhere, inside hotel rooms, on employee badges & valet stands.

eTip Cashless Tipping

Digital tipping for hotels 2

eTip’s cashless tipping allows hotels to retain employees and keep guests coming back with cashless tipping technology.  The tipping solution gives hotel employees the opportunity to increase their earning potential by offering digital and cashless tip options for guests.  eTip does not require guests to download any apps or register to use the solution, guests can access cashless tipping through text messaging, email, NFC and printed materials such as business cards and stickers.  Hotels can offer guests a contactless and cashless tipping experience with the use of credit cards, debit cards and with Apple and Google Pay.  eTip gives hotels a white label experience, allowing the solution to be designed specifically to meet the needs of your property.

Features & Benefits

Increased Earnings
Offers the opportunity to increase earning potential with digital and cashless tip options for your guests.

More Tipping Opportunities
Cashless tipping is accessible to all your teams and departments.

Collect Ratings & Reviews
Gives hotels real time insight into guest satisfaction.

Automatic Distribution
Removes the friction associated with tip distribution and splitting.

Pooled & Individual Tip Collections
Teams can be tipped directly or pooled, the eTip solution solves both.

Designed for Your Brand
Offers hotels a white label experience that is designed with your brand’s image in mind.

Increase Staff Retention
Create opportunity for your team to financially thrive.

Gauge Staff Performance
Guest feedback allows hotels to create a better experience for employees and guests.

Unlimited Sharing Opportunities
Tipping profiles can be shared with a hyperlink via text messaging and email, NFC and printed materials such as leaflets, business cards, stickers and more.

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