Hotel Technology: Guest Messaging Apps

Why Hotels Should be Investing in Guest Messaging

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More hotels and businesses are using messaging applications to interact with customers, text messaging has a 98% open rate, 90% of texts are read within the first 90 seconds.  Many hotels are using guest messaging as a means of communicating valuable information to guests.  Guest messaging can be used to communicate with guests prior to their arrival to update them on policies that may impact their stay, such as changes to the housekeeping policy, as well as to inform guests of the safety procedures implemented by the hotel.  Hotels can also utilize guest messaging to communicate with guests regarding their dining options and other service options that were available during their stay.  Guests can also request room service, make requests for extra towels or to make special requests during their hotel stay.

Guest messaging is a powerful tool that hotels can use to immediately address and rectify issues that can change a negative guest experience before guest’s check-out.  A recent study commissioned by Medallia Zingle found that 42% of respondents would return to a hotel that was able to immediately solve an issue that turned a negative guest experience into a positive one.  Guest messaging also allows guests to leave online reviews if they’ve had a positive experience, the study found that 50% of guests felt that online reviews greatly impacted their booking decisions.  Hotels can free up their staff to focus on other areas by implementing a guest messaging platform, 45% of guests preferred to report issues through text messaging or through a messaging app instead of by phone, email or in person.

Hotels can use Guest Messaging to:
  • Inform guests about check-in procedures
  • Upgrade services
  • Room service orders/special requests
  • Provide housekeeping status updates
  • Dining & other reservations
  • A Link to leave an online guest review
  • Provide information about nearby attractions
  • Opportunity to increase revenue by upselling guest experiences
  • Allows for real time responses and information
  • Offer more contactless service options

Guest Messaging can Help Hotels Increase Revenue

Guest messaging for hotels

Guest messaging can give hotels the opportunity to increase revenue, by upselling guest experiences, such as recommending special services that guests can purchase.  A new study conducted by Oracle Hospitality and Skift found that 74% of travelers wanted hotels to use AI to offer guests more tailored services with special offers and suggestions regarding rooms, dining and other options that could enhance the guest experience.  Hotels can also use guest messaging to handle guest requests more efficiently despite the labor shortage currently plaguing the Industry.  Guests are more likely to return to hotels that offered efficient service, 34% of travelers said that slow service would be their number one deterrent to rebooking a hotel.

Mobile technology is highly popular worldwide, so it makes sense that hotels would offer services that guests can access through their mobile devices.  77% of travelers were in favor of using automated messaging or chatbots for their customer service requests and 73% wanted to use their mobile devices to manage their hotel experience.  Hotels can also use guest messaging to better compete and to attract guests that want a contactless hotel experience.  73% of travelers were more likely to stay at hotels that offered self-service technology to minimize contact with the staff and other guests.

The study also found that:

  • 39% want to order room service from their phone or a chatbot.
  • 38% want a fully self-service model, with staff only available upon request.
  • 54% of hoteliers said that their highest priority is to adopt tech that improves or eliminates the need for the front desk experience between now and 2025.

Alice Guest Messaging for Hotels

Guest messaging for hotels

Alice Guest Messaging gives hotels multiple options to offer real time contactless communication with guests.  Guest messaging allows hotels to communicate valuable information to guests, hotels can send links or PDFs to guests with the hotel’s property information.  The messaging platform allows hotels to answer questions,  confirm reservations and allows guests to place room service requests.  Hotels can also send direct automated or hotel-wide broadcast messages to hotel guests providing information prior to their arrival or during their stay.  Messages can be tailored based on pre-determined criteria, such as arrival dates and check-out times and hotels have the ability to send broadcast messages to all guests simultaneously.

Facilitate Conversation

Enable two-way digital communication between staff and guests so requests are effortlessly received, tracked, and fulfilled.

Improve Staff Efficiency

Send broadcast messages to all hotel guests at once or to target specific groups.

Deliver Personalized Service

Communicate directly with your guests to answer their questions and requests, to confirm reservations, discover delivery preferences, fulfill room service requests, and send links or PDFs with hotel property information.

Benefits for Hotels
Automate Hotel Text Messages

Send messages based on predetermined criteria like pre-arrival dates and check-in times.

Broadcast Messages

Contact all of your guests, or specific groups, at the same time.

Conversation History

With a record of each conversation, the details won’t be forgotten.

Personalized Guest to Staff Conversations

Maintain personalized service and connection-without in-person interactions.

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