5 New Tech Trends at HITEC 2022

5 New Tech Trends at HITEC 2022

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A new study conducted by Oracle Hospitality and Skift shows that travelers want a high-tech and contactless hotel experience, 73% of travelers were more likely to stay at hotels that offered self-service technology.  73% wanted to use their mobile devices to manage their hotel experience, 77% were interested in using automated messaging or chatbots and 43% wanted voice activated controls in guest rooms.  Guests want the option to check-in/check-out, place food orders and make payments using their mobile devices.  The upcoming HITEC Orlando technology conference will feature key technologies by Hospitality technology providers that can help hotels meet guests’ expectations.

Youtip Digital Tipping

HITEC Orlando will feature Youtip, a cashless and contactless digital tipping service that allows guests to tip staff without using cash.  Youtip’s Scan and Tip system does not require guests to download any apps, guests can tip directly through digital wallets such as Apple Pay and Google Pay.  Customers can access cashless tipping by scanning QR codes located anywhere in hotel rooms, valet stands or on employee badges.  Guests can also access Youtip through links received by text or email.  Youtip allows guests to leave valuable feedback about their hotel experience, customers can rate their experience with employees and with the hotel’s service.


Scan & Tip
Direct access to digital wallets.
No app download is required to use youtip.
Quick & simple transaction using digital wallets such as Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Powerful Feedback Tool
Post-tip feedback screen lets customers rate employees, service levels, and leave helpful feedback.
Ratings can be 1-5 stars or a Net Promoter Score.

Versatile & Pervasive
Customers can access tipping screens on their phones by scanning QR codes or links sent via text or email.
QR codes can be placed anywhere, inside hotel rooms, on employee badges & valet stands.

Virdee Self Check-in

Hotel technology HITEC 2022

HITEC 2022 will showcase Virdee Self Check-in, the solution allows hotels to give guests more control of their hotel experience by allowing them to decide how they would like to check-in.  Virdee’s Reception Mobile and Virtual Reception Kiosk solutions work seamlessly together and enables mobile check-in as well as check-in using the hotel’s kiosk.  If guests want a physical key card in addition to mobile key, they can scan the QR code from the app or welcome email at the kiosk in the hotel’s lobby.  Mobile key management enables guests to unlock guest room doors and access other areas of the hotel with their mobile devices.  The entire check-in process including verifying identities, providing signatures, and making payments can be completed using the mobile app or by using the kiosks.  Both the Reception Mobile and the Virtual Reception Kiosk allow guests to simply press a button and be connected with the hotel’s staff through the remote assistance feature.

Reception Mobile
  • Check-in
  • Secure ID verification
  • Payment & Signature
  • Special requests, Room choice & upgrades
  • Remote assistance
  • Food & beverage ordering
Virtual Reception Kiosk
  • Verify their identity
  • Submit payment & Sign T&Cs
  • Submit special requests
  • Pick room & upgrade
  • Remote assistance
  • Print and re-print keys
  • Sign up for loyalty programs

Grubhub for Hotels & Resorts

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Grubhub will be showcasing their mobile ordering solution at HFTP HITEC this year.  The GrubHub platform allows hotels to modernize the room service experience by giving guests access to food and beverage options, as well as select retail options.  Mobile ordering offers guests the option to either pick up their orders or have orders delivered directly to their rooms or to the pool area.  Guests also have the option of contactless pick up from a temperature-controlled smart locker that requires a QR code to access.  The app enables contactless payments and gives guests the option to charge purchases directly to their rooms or to pay using credit cards.  Guests are also able to keep track of their orders, as the app sends delivery notifications that alerts guests as to where their orders are in the delivery process and exactly when they will be arriving.

Features & Benefits
  • Mobile Ordering & Delivery
  • Temperature-Controlled Smart Lockers
  • Cashless Kiosks
  • Robot Delivery
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Modernize the Dining Experience
  • Streamline Operations
  • Integrate with Guest Folios
  • Convenience of Contactless Service
  • Revenue Generating Opportunity for Hotels

Nomadix and Telkonet Smart Room

Hotel technology HITEC 2022

Attendees at HITEC 2022 can expect an array of key technologies to be on display.  Nomadix and Telkonet will be showcasing their Angie voice assistant and smart thermostat integration at HITEC Orlando.  The partnership allows guests to control Telkonet thermostats using voice control with Angie voice assistant.  Telkonet is designed with energy efficiency in mind and allows hotels to reduce energy consumption and operate more efficiently while giving guests control of their comfort level during their stay.

Angie by Nomadix offers hotels a multilingual digital concierge that fulfils guest requests, answers common questions, allow guests to request room service, book hotel services and check-out, using voice assistant and touchscreen.  Guests can also control the lighting, the TV, the thermostat and curtains all using voice control.  Angie allows hotels to 100% customize their property specific answers to guests’ questions.  Devices offer 24-hour assistance to guests, allowing hotel employees to focus on delivering a high-quality hotel experience.

Features & Benefits
  • 24/7 multilingual assistant with voice control & touchscreen interface
  • Fully customize answers to guest questions
  • Relieve staff from simple recurrent questions, allowing time for high-value services
  • Personalize rotating screens for education and advertising (on select devices)
  • Analytics and reporting capabilities
  • Integrate with in-room automation – thermostat, lights, TV, drapes and more
  • Connects to Nomadix Cloud Telephony and many third-party PBX systems

Fourteen IP Evolution Virtual Agent (EVA)

Hotel technology HITEC 2022

HITEC Orlando will also feature Fourteen IP’s Evolution Virtual Agent (EVA), the solution combines Interactive Voice Response (IVR) with Artificial Intelligence to improve upon the guest experience while reducing costs.  EVA has the ability to communicate in 130 different languages and dialects and provides answers to commonly asked questions.  EVA allows guests to make special requests for late check-out, to make housekeeping requests, to request wake-up calls and to request room items.  Guests can also communicate via texts, with WhatsApp messaging and through Facebook Messenger.  Hotels can utilize EVA to reduce calls to guest services by over 60% and provide answers to guest questions 24 hours a day.

  • Take Orders & Secure Payments
  • Send Texts & WhatsApp Messages
  • Automatically Answer Guests 24X7
  • Intelligent Call Routing
  • Make & Change Reservations
  • Make Special Requests
  • Greet Callers by Name & Loyalty Status
  • Reduce calls to hotel agents by over 60%
  • Improve the services offered to guests & reduce costs.
  • Reduce Wait Times
  • Reduce Abandoned Calls
  • Handle Guest calls more efficiently
  • Cost Saving
  • Efficient Staff Utilization
  • Enhanced Guest Experience
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