Contactless Check-in Solutions for Hotels

The Shift Towards Contactless Hotel Technology

contactless check-in solutions

Contactless hotel technology became more prevalent due to the pandemic, as hoteliers had to implement contactless solutions to combat the spread of the Coronavirus.  The pandemic resulted in a renewed sense of appreciation for contactless technology, as it allowed hotels to offer guests a seamless hotel experience while adhering to safety protocols.  Contactless and other hotel technology has also allowed hotels to continue to offer guests a quality hotel experience in the midst of the current Hospitality labor shortage.  Contactless technology also plays a big role in elevating the guest experience, guests have the expectation of a seamless check-in process without the need to fill out paperwork or to wait on lines.

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Contactless Technology is on the Rise

Contactless check-in

Stayntouch partnered with NYU and conducted a survey of 525 hoteliers to examine the use of hotel technology.  The Hotelier Technology Sentiment Report found that the use of contactless technologies, such as self-service check-in, mobile key, in room technology and digital payments increased significantly during the pandemic.  The use of contactless check-in/check-out increased by 66% during the pandemic, as more hotels began to offer mobile check-in and self-service kiosks to alleviate the shortage of employees.  And the use of contactless technology is expected to continue to rise during 2022.

Contactless technology has had an impact on the guest experience, close to 92% of hoteliers reported that their guests have increased acceptance of hotel technology and had an expectation of contactless options during their stay.  82% of those surveyed reported that they have implemented or plan to implement at least one technology and almost 75% believed that contactless technology will become a long-term trend within the Industry.  Hoteliers believe that technology could help to elevate the guest experience and hotels should offer contactless technology as an option and guests can decide which experience is ideal for their stay.  There are numerous contactless solutions on the market that hotels can customize to fit their specific needs.

Enseo VERA Virtual Front Desk Agent

contactless check-in solutions

Enseo’s virtual front desk agent VERA gives hotels the ability to offer a contactless and personal front desk experience.  VERA (Video Enabled Remote Agent) gives Hospitality the means to offer an enhance customer experience by providing guests with a personalized check-in process through a touchless screen.  The VERA check-in experience connects each guest to a live agent.  During the current labor shortage, hotels will be better equipped to handle guests returning to hotels and will be able to offer them a similar check-in experience as they would receive in person.  VERA offers guests a digital concierge check-in process with a live front desk agent through a touchless Webex portal screen.  Hotels can maintain full service, human interaction with guests while adhering to social distancing guidelines.

VERA is also beneficial for guests with disabilities, the solution is ADA compliant and includes accommodations for users with mobility limitations, hearing impairments and other disabilities.  Hotels can also add their personal touch by customizing VERA to meet the desired appearance of their property.  “VERA is a very natural experience, while keeping both the user and the agent safe,” said Vanessa Ogle, CEO and Founder of Enseo Holdings. “For properties that may be struggling to bring back staff, Enseo’s contactless tech helps alleviate strained or limited staff by answering specific questions, supporting with check-in and check-out, assisting with room keys and more, and can even provide support for uncovered shifts.”

Aavgo Contactless Check-In Solution

contactless check-in solutions 3

Aavgo’s contactless check-in solution provides guests with numerous options to check-in without interacting with hotel staff.  Once guests make a reservation, an automated email and text message is sent that enables guests to check-in remotely.  The contactless solution doesn’t require guests to download any apps and guests can make special requests prior to their arrival.  Aavgo’s contactless check-in solution uses the digital identity management feature to verify ID cards and guests’ photos to authenticate their identity.

The solution allows hotels to expedite the check-in process by digitally managing the registration process and verifying guest identity before they arrive.  The check-in solution also enables contactless on-site check-in using NFC or QR code to check-in on the hotel’s premises.  The addition of the automatic key dispenser will allow guests to pick up their key cards from the key dispenser using NFC or QR code.  Aavgo’s contactless check-in solution allows hotels to add the Virtual Front Desk, which will enable guests to check in and retrieve room key directly from the hotel kiosk.

Virdee Virtual Reception Mobile

contactless check-in solutions 2

Virdee’s Virtual Reception Mobile allows hotels to put everything that guests require in one convenient place, by allowing mobile check-in and the self-service kiosk to work seamlessly together for a complete check-in solution.  Guests can request a key card in addition to a mobile key by simply scanning the QR code at the hotel’s kiosk.  Guests will not be required to redo any steps from the check-in process that were already completed during mobile check-in.  Virdee’s reception mobile offers many features that are all accessible directly from the app.

Check-in and Secure ID verification
Payment and Signature
Special requests, Room choice and upgrades
Remote assistance
Food & beverage ordering

Virdee Virtual Reception Kiosk

The Virdee Virtual Reception Kiosk is a great option for hotels that are not ready to implement a fully mobile solution.  The mobile and kiosk reception work together and guests can begin the check-in process using the mobile function and complete the process using the kiosk on the hotel’s premises.  The kiosks provide guests with physical key cards, guests can log in using a QR code, phone number, email or by using a confirmation number.  The virtual kiosk reception allows hotels to better serve guests with disabilities by offering three different mounting options.  Hotels can choose a table-top kiosk, a floor standing kiosk and a wall mounted kiosk.

The kiosk enables guests to:
Verify their identity and Submit payment
Sign T&Cs and Submit special requests
Pick rooms and upgrade
Get remote assistance
Print and re-print keys
Sign up for loyalty programs

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