JET Hotel Solutions – The Owner’s Advocate for Hotel Technology

We know that the ever-changing landscape of hotel technology can be hard to navigate. Knowing which services your guests value most, which are required by the various brands and which providers will give you the best solution for your hotel. Contactless Covid-19 hotel tech, guest demands on hotel internet speed and over the top guest TV content, and building a modern hotel with the right infrastructure to meet brand and municipal code.  Keeping up to date on industry trends and navigating the risks associated with making sure your guests and staff are safe and successful with the introduction of 911 communications laws Ray Baum’s Act and Kari’s Law and the requirement for Staff Alert hotel panic buttons. These are just some of the areas where JET Hotel Solutions aims to help alleviate the owner’s burden by simplifying your hotel technology decisions while helping you connect with providers who understand the needs of your guests and can provide the right solutions at the right price.