Increase Hotel Revenue with Service Robots

How to Increase Hotel Revenue with Service Robots

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The adoption of service robots in hotels has become increasingly common.  Service robots are designed to automate tasks such as room service, housekeeping, and guest check-ins, leading to improved efficiency and guest experience.  The implementation of service robots in hotels offers a range of benefits, including improved operational efficiency, enhanced guest experience, and increased revenue.  By investing in the right type of robot for your hotel’s specific needs, you can successfully integrate service robots into your hotel operations and gain a competitive edge.

Are Service Robots the Future of Hotel Hospitality?

The use of robotics has increased in the Hospitality Industry, according to a recent report by MarketsandMarkets, the global market for hotel robots is expected to grow from $79 million in 2020 to $338 million by 2025, at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 32.8%.  Hotel robots are no longer a novelty, they are being used more often to help hotels operate more efficiently.

Service robots are designed to perform a variety of tasks that previously required human interaction.  For instance, a robot can serve as a concierge, providing guests with information about the hotel and its services, or as a housekeeper, delivering fresh towels and cleaning rooms.  By delegating routine tasks to service robots, hotels can free up staff to focus on high-value activities such as guest engagement and personalized service.  Hotel can utilize robots for the following:

Concierge Robots

Robots are being used in place of the concierge and are able to provide guests with information regarding local attractions and any hotel information that may be needed.  Robots can also greet guests, offer snacks and beverages and help to carry luggage to guest rooms.

Cleaning Robots

Robots have the ability to work around the clock to clean guestrooms and to ensure that bathrooms and public areas are sterilized.  Robots can greatly reduce the number of hours that it takes to clean, allowing staff to efficiently finish their cleaning duties.  Robots also require little maintenance; they require cleaning bags to be changed periodically and batteries to be kept charged.

Delivery Robots

Delivery robots are also being used in room service to deliver meals, towels and any number of items that guests request.  Robots also have the ability to deliver in other areas of the hotel, such as the pool area and can also collect used dishes.  These robots have the ability to take the elevator and can make over 100 deliveries daily.  Guests can unlock the robots with a unique code from their mobile phones in order to retrieve their delivery.

Security Robots

Hotel security robots can work around the clock to patrol areas of the hotel and identify unusual or unexpected objects and send a live streaming alert to hotel security personnel.  Robots are capable of sending out alerts, broadcast messaging and two-way intercom communication.

Implementing Service Robots in Your Hotel

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While the benefits of service robots are clear, it is important to implement them properly to ensure their success.  How can hotels effectively integrate service robots into their hotel operations?

Identify Your Hotel’s Specific Needs

Before implementing service robots, assess your hotel’s unique needs and how service robots can help address them. This will ensure that you invest in the right type of robot and that it is used effectively.

Train Your Staff

Service robots may require new processes and workflows, so it is important to train your staff on how to use and maintain them.  It is important that your robots are used effectively and that they complement your existing staff.

Communicate With Guests

To ensure a smooth transition to using service robots, it is important to communicate with guests about the benefits of the new technology and how it will enhance their experience.  This will help alleviate any concerns they may have and ensure a positive guest experience.

Monitor and Evaluate

Regularly monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of your service robots to identify areas for improvement and ensure that they continue to contribute to your hotel’s revenue growth.

Service Robots: A Competitive Advantage

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Service robots can enhance the guest experience by providing a novel and engaging experience.  For example, guests may be delighted by a robot butler that delivers room service, leading to increased guest satisfaction and loyalty.  By integrating service robots into your hotel operations, hotels can gain a competitive advantage over other hotels in your market.  Not only can service robots improve operational efficiency and guest experience, but they can also lead to increased revenue through:

Cost Savings

By automating routine tasks, service robots can reduce labor costs and improve operational efficiency.

Labor Shortage Supplement

80% of hotels are experiencing staffing shortages, robots allow hotels to fill needed gaps in the housekeeping department, 43% of hotels were finding it most difficult to hire housekeepers.  Robots allow hotels to offer guests 24/7 services, robots can work long hours and work on holidays.

Increased Guest Satisfaction

Service robots can enhance the guest experience by providing personalized service and a unique experience, leading to increased guest satisfaction and brand loyalty.

Upselling opportunities

Service robots can be programmed to offer guests additional services and products, leading to increased revenue.

Vendor Spotlight: Relay Robotics

Relay Robots help hotels to operate more efficiently while enhancing the guest experience and allows hotels to offer guests a convenient, reliable and secure guest room experience.  Robots have the ability to work around the clock to make delivers to guest rooms and are capable of taking elevators and making fast delivery of food and beverages, linens, towels and any number of guest requests.


  •  Safe, dynamic navigation
  • Seamlessly rides elevators
  • Fast, reliable, secure
  • Lockable payload
  • Long battery life
  • Easy to learn and use
  • 24/7 service & support
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