Contactless Hotel Technology: In-Room Entertainment

In-Room Entertainment, How Can Hotels Stay Ahead of the Curve


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COVID-19 has forced guests to spend most of their time in their hotel rooms, and as a result in-room entertainment has become a priority.  Hotels have become aware that offering more personalized in-room entertainment is an essential part of providing a great guest experience.  A 2019 study conducted by Deloitte, found that in homes, 69% of consumers paid for internet streaming services, compared to the 65% that paid for cable or satellite TV.  88% of streaming subscribers were between the ages of 22 and 35 and overall, 43% of consumers paid for both internet streaming and cable or satellite.  Hotels can improve upon the guest experience by offering both the option of cable TV, as well as providing access to streaming services.

Interested in Upgrading Your Hotel Technology?

What are Guests’ Expectations?

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We live in an era where instant access is no longer an option when it comes to in-room entertainment, it has become an expectation.  90% of adults own a smart phone and smart phones allow easy access to a multiple of streaming services.  Travelers will arrive at hotels with their tablets, laptops and their streaming subscriptions, with the expectation of connecting their personal devices to the hotel’s in-room entertainment system.  Guests expect the same Wi-Fi experience from their hotels as they have at home and they want access to in-room entertainment without having to log on multiple times.  They want to authenticate once and to have instant connectivity between their personal devices and the hotel’s in-room entertainment.  Guests are expecting an array of content to choose from, and they want access to popular streaming services, such as Netflix and Amazon.  Hotels are now faced with connecting their in-room entertainment with the technology that guests will bring with them.  Hotels can invest in an integrated solution that enables guests to access their streaming subscriptions, and that also offers casting capabilities.  There are also expectations of a safe, secure and reliable network, that allows for use in and out of their hotel rooms.

Contactless Hotel In-Room Entertainment Options

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Hotels can stand out by ensuring that their in-room entertainment not only meets but that it exceeds guests’ expectations.  In-room entertainment is now at the forefront and hotels have a number of options to choose from in order to give guests a great experience.  Hotels have begun making the in-room experience as seamless as possible for guests.  Technology service provider Enseo, launched EnseoCONNECT, which can be described as a universal mobile remote that enables guests to control the hotel’s entertainment system.  With EnseoCONNECT, guests can be in control of their technology experience with the use of their mobile devices.  There are no permissions or passwords required, and no wireless networks that guests have to join.  Guests start by scanning a QR code from their mobile devices to the welcome message on the hotel TV screen.  This enables them to connect their phones or other devices to their hotel’s TV, and their mobile devices will also be connected to any other IoT devices that are in their rooms.  Instead of touching the remote, guests can use their mobile devices to access the channel guide and to control the volume.  EnseoCONNECT provides a contactless hotel experience that also enables guests to securely log into their streaming services and watch their favorite programs on the hotel TV.

Contactless Room Control Solutions for Hotels

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EnseoCONNECT can be combined with Enseo’s Fido IoT room control solution to take the in-room experience to the next level.  Guests will have full control of the room temperature, lighting and even control of the curtains, without having to touch any controls or surfaces.  The Enseo Enterprise Cloud operated by Catapult technology ensures that EnseoCONNECT operates on any internet connection, Wi-Fi or cellular connection both inside and outside of guestrooms.  That means that guests will have the ability to power on the TV and to make temperature adjustments while they are away from their rooms.

Hotels Must Invest in Cyber Security

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The hotel Wi-Fi experience can make or break the hotel experience for guests.  Guests want to input their personal information into the hotel network with the confidence of knowing that their information is protected.  Mobile solutions are very appealing to guests, but safeguards must be put in place in order to protect hotel guests, conference attendees and hotel restaurant customers who decide to connect to the hotel’s network.  Hotel Cyber-security experts recommend that hotels utilize a separate network for guests and staff operations, this will allow breaches to the network to be identified swiftly.  Hotels can invest in the right cyber security solutions that ensure that both guests and staff operations are connected to a safe and reliable Wi-Fi network.  Hotels should also ensure that guests agree to the AUP (Acceptance Use Policy) and comply with the hotel’s internet usage rules.

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