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Hoteliers Should Be Taking a Closer Look at Mobile Hotels

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Due to the pandemic, some travelers are gravitating more towards less populated areas instead of city destinations.  42% of the nights booked on Airbnb during the summer were to rural destinations, these bookings increased from 32% in 2019.  The pandemic also caused people to travel for shorter distances, according to Vrbo, trips of 250 miles or less in July and August increased by over 20% compared to the previous year.  Travelers have also been enjoying more outdoor activities and trips to national parks have increased since the pandemic began.  In August of 2021, Yellow Stone National Park experienced its busiest August, with 921,844 visitors.  Travel has changed since the COVID-19 pandemic, but travelers are still planning for their next vacation.  A recent AAA travel survey found that 55% of Americans were planning a vacation before the end of 2022.  Hoteliers can invest in mobile hotels to appeal to the outdoor and adventure seeking traveler that still wants to experience the comforts of a luxury hotel.

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Moliving Mobile Hotel Rooms

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Moliving is set to debut its “hotel on wheels” hotel rooms this winter in the Hudson Valley in New York.  The mobile luxury eco-resort can be designed for any location, with the ability to change location based on traveler demand.  While most hotels would take years to construct, the Moliving Units give hoteliers and landowners the opportunity to build hotels in the span of 3 to 5 months.  Moliving can predict seasonal demand and allow hoteliers to change location from low demand areas in order to achieve peak occupancy throughout the year.  For example, the number of cabins can be increased from 20 in the winter months to 80 to accommodate the summer demand.  Cabins can be installed anywhere, such as beach front or rural areas and can be relocated with minimal disruption to the environment.

These mobile units offer guests a 5-star hotel experience, with floor to ceiling windows and spa inspired bathrooms.  All units are equipped with a 55’’ Samsung smart TV, wireless speakers, USB ports, an in room safe, a private bar, electronically controlled shades and WiFi.  Each cabin is 45 feet long and comes with 400 sq feet of indoor space and offers 120 sq feet outdoor decks.  They can be custom designed to fit the location of choice and are built to adhere to building code requirements while being environmentally friendly.

Eco-Friendly Design

Moliving Units can be standalone or grouped together to form a multilevel cabin.  Each Moliving Unit can be fully self-sufficient with the use of holding tanks as well as the latest lithium battery technology that stores the energy harvested from the solar panels located on the roof of each cabin.  Moliving Units can either be set in an “off the grid” setting or can be hooked up to the host property.  Guests can reduce their freshwater consumption with gray water recycling technology that is incorporated into each Unit and UV technology is integrated to sanitize each Unit.  Contactless controls for all electronics are also seamlessly integrated using either tablets or a future mobile application.

The Moliving Process

  • Find a suitable local partner who owns land and is willing to form a joint venture.
  • Build Moliving Units in a regional factory to reduce the carbon footprint and minimize transport costs.
  • Transport the Moliving Units via Road or Sea to the future hotel site.
  • Launch hotel in months versus years.
  • When the joint venture agreement expires, the partnership can either be extended or terminated.
  • Moliving units can be removed with minimal impact to the environment and installed in a new location.

What are the Benefits?

Mobile hotels 2

Moliving offers hoteliers a cost effective approach, with the flexibility of changing locations to meet the traveler demand.  Hotels will also have the opportunity to better attract travelers that want to escape the cities and are looking to enjoy the outdoors, while offering them the amenities that comes with a 5-star hotel stay.  Mobile hotels can be installed in any location and allows hotels to better compete with experiences offered by short term rental companies such as Airbnb.

  • Moliving Units allow landowners and hoteliers to build hotels in 3 to 5 months compared to years.
  • Cost effective option that can be built at a fraction of the cost of a traditional hotel.  With Moliving’s Units, there is a significantly reduced risk of over-budget and delayed projects.
  • Moliving Inc. allows the hotel industry and landowners to invest in their property as a hospitality destination in an efficient and scalable manner.
  • With the ability to efficiently relocate units from one destination to the next, Moliving can adapt its inventory to seasonal demand.  This gives Moliving the ability to maintain peak occupancy and ADRs (Average Daily Rates) on a year-round basis.

“The traditional hotel development model has proven its success for generations.  Now, lifestyle habits and travel behaviors have greatly shifted. We are spearheading the change with our mobile units and proprietary technology to continue to adapt.” notes Moliving Inc.’s Founder and CEO, Jordan Bem, “Moliving is accommodating by design, its flexibility feeds the desire to roam freely helping the industry to embrace the nomadic, adventure seeking traveler of today who still wants all the benefits of the traditional five-star accommodation.”

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