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Which Hotel Panic Button Provider is Right for Your Hotel?

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Many states and cities have passed legislations that require hotels to provide their employees with safety devices as a protective measure.  Each location has a different timeframe and different requirements that they must adhere to in order to implement employee safety devices/ panic buttons.  In addition to hotel legislations requiring hotel panic buttons, hotel brands have also made a commitment to equipping their staff with panic buttons as a part of the AHLA’s 5-Star Promise.  Staff safety is of the outmost importance and many hotels are running out of time to implement employee safety devices/ panic buttons.  There are several employee safety devices/ panic button providers that hotels can choose from to address their specific needs.

What are Panic Buttons?

Panic buttons are employee safety devices that are also known as staff alert, that can be carried by employees and dispatches emergency alerts that provide exact locations, allowing responders to reach distressed employees within minutes.  Panic buttons can be worn around the neck, they can be attached to belts or anywhere on the employee’s clothing that is easily accessible in the event of an emergency.

Interested in Hotel Panic Buttons?

Hotel Panic Button Providers

Hotel panic buttons come with different features; some can utilize Bluetooth technology that is paired with mobile devices to deliver precise locations.  There are panic buttons that also operate by cellular LTE and do not require a mobile device, these panic buttons are connected directly to the available cellular network.  The type of panic button solution that is right for your hotel may depend on the hotel panic button legislations that govern your state or city, union requirements, brand standards and the specific needs of your hotel.

TraknProtect Employee Safety

TraknProtect is an employee safety device provider that has designed safety devices specifically or the Hotel Industry.  The TraknProtect platform utilizes BLE/Wi-Fi hubs that continuously tracks and provides precise locations.  TracknProtect was designed based the needs and feedback of those within the Hotel Industry, the device requires minimal training and is designed to easily integrate into the hotel’s existing technology. Read more..

MadeSafe by Enseo

The MadeSafe Employee Safety System has been a part of the Hotel Industry since 2015 and is available as a standalone service or as an added feature for hotels using other Enseo services.  MadeSafe was designed specifically to address the needs of hotel employees working in guest rooms and also to meet employee safety device legal requirements.  MadeSafe is an easy-to-use solution and is designed to maintain privacy and only provides location when the device has been activated, indicating someone is in distress.  The device provides precise room location, even in skyscrapers and features interactive 3D maps & reporting tools. Read more..

React Mobile Panic Button Solution

React Mobile’s panic button solutions is designed specifically for the safety of hotel employees.  The React Mobile system allows hotel management to deploy the appropriate response by providing the precise location of an emergency within seconds of an alert.  The React Mobile platform is designed to be flexible and provides a tailored solution to specifically address your hotel’s unique needs.  These devices are easy to use and comply with union, city and state legal requirements. Read more

AT&T Staff Alert Solution

The AT&T Staff Alert solution utilizes an IoT infrastructure along with Bluetooth low energy technology. This staff alert solution allows for the separation of the guest Wi-Fi Network from the AT&T Staff Alert Network, which helps improve the reliability of the solution.  Alerts are sent out in real time and reduces the risk of a congested Wi-Fi network. Read more

ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions Staff Safety

ASSA ABLOY staff safety is a cloud-based solution that is designed to provide a rapid response in the event of an emergency and pinpoints precise locations in real time.  The staff safety devices are cloud based, always kept up to date and monitored extensively.  This easily implemented solution is scalable and allows for the addition of new devices on the same IoT network.  The ASSA ABLOY staff safety provides 100 % property coverage and 24/7 technical support. Read more

AlwaysOn by Roar for Good

AlwaysOn is designed specifically with the input of employees who want a safe and supported work environment.  AlwaysOn panic buttons offers room location accuracy, with features such as real time tracking and false alarm prevention.  AlwaysOn provides complete hotel coverage regardless of WIFI, cell phone dead spots and power outages.  Devices are non-intrusive, easily installed, easily maintained and offers training in multiple languages. Read more

Relay Panic Buttons

Relay panic buttons offer hotels two lifesaving tools in one device by enabling two-way communication within the employee safety device.  Relay panic buttons pinpoint’s location down to the precise room and offers a fast and efficient self-installation solution that requires no drilling or wires.  The safety devices provide simultaneous LTE and Wi-Fi connectivity for maximum coverage and is designed to adapt to the changing employee safety device laws and brand standards. Read more

Vendor Spotlight: RelayPro 

Hotel panic buttons are a new requirement for hotels, but they don’t have to be a new expense. RelayPro was recently approved by Marriott, IHG and Choice Hotels and has been installed in nearly 2,000 properties.  RelayPro is BOTH a 4G/Wi-Fi walkie talkie and a cutting-edge panic button with VOICE communication.

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