Hotel Panic Buttons: Benefits for Hotels

Hotel Panic Buttons: Top Benefits for Hotels


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The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission reported that hotel housekeepers were especially vulnerable to incidences of harassment due to the isolated nature of their jobs.  And recent studies have also shown that hotel employees have experienced harassment and sexual assaults while at work.  During the course of their jobs, hotel employees are often required to work in guest rooms where hotel guests are present, and some are often required to work alone and are often isolated from the rest of their team.  Hotel workers around the country remain vulnerable to assaults and these violent attacks are becoming more prevalent.  This year alone there have been numerous cases of violence against hotel employees.

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Hotel brands have created employee safety initiatives that include providing employees with employee safety devices / panic buttons and some states and cities have also passed laws requiring that hotel employees be equipped with panic buttons.  Panic buttons are employee safety devices that can be carried by employees and dispatches emergency alerts that provide exact locations, allowing responders to reach employees within minutes.  Employees will feel a sense of security while at work and the hotel overall will see the benefits of providing panic buttons to their staff.

Panic Buttons Provide Protection for All Employees

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Panic buttons offers protection to all employees and helps them to better respond to co-workers and guests who are in distress.  Panic buttons provide a sense of safety to employees who work late hours and who are often required to work alone.  Panic button technology works by the press of a button, employees who are in threatening or uncomfortable situations can receive help within minutes.  Panic buttons are not only beneficial for guest room staff, but they are also beneficial for employees who work in hotel bars and restaurants, who work at hotel pools or who work in hotel spas.  Equipping them with safety devices allows them to get assistance immediately in the event of an emergency.

Panic Buttons Comply with Legal Requirements

Equipping hotel employees with panic buttons will help hotels to comply with new panic button laws and ordinances that have been passed.  Several states and cities have passed laws and ordinances that require hotels to provide employees with panic buttons.  States like Washington, Illinois and New Jersey have passed laws requiring hotels to equip employees with panic buttons.  Different states have different requirements and timeframes for hotels to become compliant.  In Illinois, the deadline for hotels to become compliant was March 1, 2021.  Hotels and casinos are required to provide employees working alone in guest rooms, restrooms, or casino floors, with safety devices or notification devices.  If hotels fail to become compliant within the required timeframe then they are subject to certain penalties..learn more.

Panic Buttons Meet Brand Standards

Almost 60 member companies representing 20,000 hotel properties have committed to prioritizing employee safety and equipping employees with safety devices.  The American Hotel and Lodging Association (AHLA) and major hotel brands announced the 5-Star promise.  Participating members pledged to provide hotel employees with safety devices, to provide training and to update their policies in order to increase the safety of their workers.  Hotel brands developed their own brand initiatives, and so far over 5,000 hotels have implemented safety devices/ panic buttons in the United States.  Equipping workers with panic buttons will allow hotels to uphold their pledge and increase the safety of 1.2 million employees.  Providing safety devices for employees will favorably impact employee loyalty and the brand’s reputation.

Panic Buttons Increase Retention

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Panic buttons are a worthy investment and can be very beneficial to hotels in the long run.  The hotel industry is well known for its very high turnover rates of over 70%, which is significantly higher than other industries.  Investing in the safety of employees by providing panic buttons will give employees an increased sense of value and will create a better company culture.  Employees are more likely to stay with hotels where they feel safe and supported.

Panic Buttons Hep to Attract Prospective Employees

Travel demand is increasing but the hospitality industry is experiencing a major labor shortage, currently hotels need to hire 600,000 employees in order to meet the travel demand.  Investing in panic buttons will also aid in the effort to attract more candidates, by offering prospective employees a safe work environment.  Safety is important to employees and hotels that take employee safety seriously are more likely to stand out to prospective employees.

Panic Buttons Integrate into Existing Technology

Panic buttons / employee safety devices can be integrated into existing hardware and software systems that are already being used by hotels.  Panic buttons can be integrated into existing Wi-Fi solutions, as well as with Iot technology.  Panic buttons can be installed as a stand-alone service or as an added feature for hotels that are already using services from a panic button provider.  Less hardware is required if panic buttons are being added as an additional feature and hotels can leverage existing equipment for installation.  As a result, installation is cost effective, and service is reliable with less points of failure.

Panic Buttons Reduce Liability

Hotel owners and operators could potentially be liable if there are staff related incidences that take place on hotel property.  Investing in hotel panic buttons would help to reduce the hotel’s liability in the event that these types of incidences did occur.  Providing staff with panic buttons shows that hotels acted responsibly and took steps to provide a safe work environment, by equipping employees with devices for their protection.

Panic Buttons Protect Your Hotel Brand

In the age of social media, negative incidences that are associated with your hotel has the potential to reach billions of people worldwide and can have an adverse impact on reputation.  Negative reviews about your hotel will also influence prospective guests, as 90 % of consumers read reviews online before choosing a business.  And 74% of consumers are more trusting of businesses with positive reviews.  At least 50% of Americans google companies before conducting business with them, therefore investing in a safety device can mitigate the risk of negative incidences being associated with your hotel.

Vendor Spotlight: RelayPro 

Hotel panic buttons are a new requirement for hotels, but they don’t have to be a new expense. RelayPro was recently approved by Marriott, IHG and Choice Hotels and has been installed in nearly 2,000 properties.  RelayPro is BOTH a 4G/Wi-Fi walkie talkie and a cutting-edge panic button with VOICE communication.

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