Hotel Technology: Digital Signage

Why Hotels Should Invest in Digital Signage

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The guest experience is an essential part of the hotel stay, and the right hotel technology can provide guests with a quality experience from the moment they arrive.  Digital signage uses interactive screens and displays to provide guests with real time information, digital signs can also be used to advertise services and amenities and to promote local attractions.  Some digital signage solutions enable self-service check-in/check-out and allows guests to interact directly with staff.  Digital signage can be used by hotels to communicate with guests and to provide them with useful information directly at their fingertips.  Hotels can use digital signage to offer guests a digital experience that creates a lasting impression within the first few minutes of their stay.

How Can Hotels Utilize Digital Signage?

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Self-Service Check-in

A recent survey found that 71% of travelers were more likely to stay at hotels with self-service technology.  Guests want a seamless check-in experience without the need to fill out paperwork or to wait on lines.  Hotels can use digital signage to offer self-service check-in, where guests can check-in and manage room preferences at the hotel’s kiosk.  Digital signage helps hotels to simplify the check-in process and reduces the amount of time guests spend waiting on lines, filling out paperwork and verifying their identity.

Digital Concierge

Guests want their requests for service to be addressed swiftly, 31% of guests were displeased by the delays in service by hotel staff.  Digital signage allows hotels to offer guests access to information in one convenient place.  Hotels can offer guests a virtual concierge that displays floor maps, location of elevators, bathrooms, restaurants, gyms, and other areas of the hotel.  Digital signage can be used to promote your hotel’s services, to advertise restaurants, spa services and retail stores.  Hotels can also use digital signage to inform guests of service updates and policy changes.

Provide Travel and Emergency Information

Digital signage provides lots of services that can be beneficial to hotels.  Hotels can keep guests updated with real time information regarding emergencies with the use of digital signs.  Guests can be kept informed of natural disasters and serious weather conditions that can impact their travel.  Hotels can keep guests updated regarding flight status, travel information and of airport delays.

Offer Local Experiences

Digital signage can take the burden off hotel staff by providing guests with information at their fingertips.  Digital signage can be used to highlight local restaurants, to showcase menu specials and deals in the area.  Hotels can also provide guests with recommendations for tours, local attractions, as well as provide them with local traffic and weather updates.

Show Guest Feedback

70% of consumers want to stay at hotels with positive reviews, hotels can use digital signage to show feedback from satisfied guests.  Hotels can showcase reviews, photos, and videos using digital signage.  Digital signage can also be used to display reviews posted to social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, booking sites like TripAdvisor as well as showcase Google reviews.

How Can Hotels Benefit from Digital Signage?

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A guest’s first impression of a hotel can set the stage for their entire stay, the use of digital signage allows hotels to provide guests with a seamless check-in experience and to provide guests with access to information in one convenient place.

Enhance Check-in Experience

Guests have the expectation of a seamless hotel check-in experience without waiting on lines, a five-minute wait during check-in has the potential to decrease guest satisfaction by 50%.  Digital signage allows hotels to offer self-check-in where guests can check-in directly on the hotel’s premises using a kiosk, guests can also manage their stay and get key cards printed.  Digital signage allows guests to skip lines and begin to enjoy their hotel experience without delays.

Improve Communication

Hotels can use digital signage to better communicate with guests and to ensure that guests are having the best hotel experience possible.  Digital signage allows guests to directly contact staff members through video chat or by sending messages and guests can convey information regarding housekeeping preferences and can also make special requests.  Hotels can keep guests abreast of important updates through digital signage and can use digital signs to help streamline guest communication efforts across different departments.

Streamline Hotel Operations

Businesses could free up 69% of their time by automating data processing duties.  Self- service technology could automate tasks normally performed by front desk staff, such as recording guest information and taking payments.  Hotels can utilize digital signage to reduce overcrowding at the front desk and communal areas and allow staff more time to dedicate to other duties.  Digital signage can help streamline many hotel operations and reduce printing related expenses.

Improve Guest Satisfaction

Contactless technology has had an impact on the guest experience, close to 92% of hoteliers reported that their guests have increased acceptance of hotel technology and had an expectation of contactless technology options during their stay.  With the use of digital signage, hotels can allow guests to quickly access important information, hotels can also streamline the check-in process with self-service check-in and offer an enhanced guest experience from the moment guests arrive.  Creating a personalized digital experience for guests can lead to increased guest satisfaction, stronger customer loyalty and more positive reviews.

Uniguest Digital Guest Compendium

There are numerous digital solutions on the market that allow hotels to provide guests with information in one convenient location.  Uniguest’s Digital Guest Compendium is an app-less digital solution designed exclusively for Hyatt hotels and is expected to be available at their hotels globally by the end of 2022.  The solution puts information directly into the hands of guests and require guests to use a QR code to access information regarding parking and transportation, food and beverage options, and other hotel amenities.  Digital Guest Compendium allows hotels to provide important information that can be updated quickly by hotel staff, ensuring that guests have access to the latest offerings.  The solution helps to reduce the use of paper and enhances the digital experience for guests while allowing owners to reduce costs.

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