Hotel Wi-Fi: What Guests Want

How Can Hotels Meet Guests Wi-Fi Expectations?

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The first thing that most guests do once they enter their hotel is to connect their devices to the hotel’s Wi-Fi network.  Hotel Internet Services conducted a Hospitality Wi-Fi study that gathered responses from 670 guests and 200 hoteliers.  93% of guests felt that complimentary Wi-Fi was the most important amenity and 90% felt that it was very important to have access to Wi-Fi during their hotel stay.  The survey also discovered that 58% of guests felt that Wi-Fi service would have an impact on their booking decisions.  Hoteliers need to consult with experienced internet service providers that will keep them abreast of the latest technological trends and needs, that will give guests the Wi-Fi experience that meets their expectations.

What Guests Want from Their Hotel Wi-Fi

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Sufficient Bandwidth

76% of guests will be traveling with multiple devices with the expectation of connecting them to the hotel’s network.  43% of guests felt that hotels did not have sufficient bandwidth to meet their expectations.  Having sufficient bandwidth is essential for hotels, as guests want to connect to a hotel network that enables presentations, video conferencing and that gives them the ability to connect with coworkers and family without interruption.

Instant Connectivity

71% of guests felt that the biggest issues affecting hotel Wi-Fi was poor signal strength, 68% felt that speed was a major issue and 61% felt that connectivity was a significant problem.  Guests have the expectation of high-speed internet that allows for service without interruption.  Guests want to check email, browse social media and the web and also access popular streaming services like Netflix and Amazon.


58% of guests reported that the quality of the hotel’s Wi-Fi affected their decision to book a specific hotel location or brand.  Reliable hotel WIFI is considered to be an essential part of the hotel stay and guests have the expectation of a Wi-Fi network with no outages.  An experienced Wi-Fi provider will ensure that service is not disrupted during an outage or a disaster.  Wi-Fi that is managed offsite with a cloud backup with 24/7 monitoring and troubleshooting can spot issues before they lead to a service disruption.

Network Security

Cybersecurity experts believe that 3 out of 4 hotels are vulnerable to cyberattacks, hotels also process large amounts of transactions daily and that makes them extremely appealing to cybercriminals.  Guests want to connect to a network with the confidence that their information is secure, 59% of guests had concerns about their Wi-Fi security and privacy.  An experienced Wi-Fi provider can ensure that the appropriate security controls are in place to authenticate users and monitor the hotel’s network for potential threats.

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Property-Wide Access

Guests expect to have access to Wi-Fi not only in guestrooms but also in the lobby, in restaurants and in the pool area.  33% of guests expected Wi-Fi access in guestrooms, 30% expected it in the hotel lobby, 22% wanted access in restaurants and 15% wanted to access the hotel’s Wi-Fi at the pool area.  Hotels should offer consistently reliable Wi-Fi access throughout the premises to ensure that guests’ expectations are met.  Wi-Fi access should be available not only in hotel rooms, but also in meetings and conference rooms, restaurants, lobby areas and other public areas.

24/7 Technical Support

42% of guests and 73% of hoteliers believe that having access to 24/7 technical support was very important.  In the event that guests are experiencing issues with the hotel’s Wi-Fi service, they need 24/7 access directly to a specialist that can solve their issues promptly.  A managed Wi-Fi provider that provides 24/7 technical support will ensure guests’ needs are effectively met with minimal service interruption.

Free Wi-Fi

83% of hoteliers provide guests with free Wi-Fi and free internet accessibility has now become an expectation for guests.  77% of guests believe that not having access to free Wi-Fi was a deal breaker for them.  93% of guests felt that complimentary Wi-Fi is the most important amenity and investing in property-wide access should be a priority for hotels.  Offering access to free Wi-Fi allows hotels to better compete and to increase their brand loyalty, 97% of hoteliers believe that excellent Wi-Fi service determined whether guests would rebook with their hotel.

Wi-Fi is Essential for Hotel Technology

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Although complimentary Wi-Fi is the most important amenity, self-service technology, such as mobile check-in and mobile key have become one of the most important parts of the hotel experience.  A study conducted by Deloitte found that 60% of travelers preferred to stay at a hotel that offered contactless check-in and keyless room entry.  A separate study conducted by Hospitality Technology found that 47% of consumers preferred to check-in using their mobile phones and 40% wanted the ability to unlock guest rooms with their mobile devices.  A powerful Wi-Fi network makes it possible for hotels to implement mobile technology and other smart technology that guests are looking for.

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