Hospitality TVs: Smartphone Controlled TVs

Enhance the Guest Room Experience with Smartphone Controlled TVs

Hotel TV system

Travelers have the expectation that guest rooms are equipped with the latest hotel technology, and they also want greater control of their guest room experience with a variety of in-room entertainment options.  55% of guests expected smart TVs and content streaming in guest rooms.  34% wanted the ability to control the TV, the lighting and the temperature with an app on their mobile devices and 31% wanted voice control features such as Amazon’s Alexa.  There are numerous Hospitality TV systems on the market that allow hotels to offer guests the in-room entertainment experience that they want.

Philips MediaSuite TVs

Hospitality TVs

Philips MediaSuite TVs provide guests with more control over their hotel experience.  Strandhotel Georgshöhe chose to upgrade their guest room technology with Philips MediaSuite TVs and offer their guests a more high-tech hotel experience, each guest room was equipped with the latest generation of 4K UHD TVs.  The TV system allow guests to operate the hotel TV with their smartphones and other personal devices using GuestConnect, the cloud based remote control app.  Chromecast built-in and mirror sharing technology allows guests to access popular streaming services such as Netflix, Spotify and YouTube.  Guests will have full access to the entire Google Play Store with the option to add apps, games, music and movies.

Guests can connect directly to the hotel TV without the need to download any apps.  To connect, guests simply scan the QR code offered at check-in, once guests check-out they are automatically disconnected.  The TV system enable guests to access real-time information regarding their stay, as well as access restaurant menus and tourist attractions.  TV content can also be customized by hotel staff from a central location.  Philips MediaSuites TVs also help to limit the surface areas that guests come in contact with to reduce the spread of the coronavirus.


Guests can fully operate their in-room TV using their mobile devices without downloading any extra apps—simply scan a QR code for instant access.

Chromecast built-in
Guests can stream their personal content on the big screen without extra hardware or software configuration, ensuring easy steaming and device security.

Guests can enjoy the comfort of home entertainment with a touch of a button, making Netflix viewing instant and intuitive.

Custom content
MediaSuite and CMND allow staff to create and deploy custom content to guestrooms including guest information, hotel information, restaurant menus, and tourist attractions.

Easy updates
Content and software updates can be easily made by the hotel staff and AVARA AG via CMND, saving time and money.

Paperless rooms 
The hotel information folder has been replaced by digital content displayed on the big screen—giving guests access to the latest information, whilst also minimizing clutter and environmental impact.

The BeyondTV In-room Entertainment Solution

Hotel TV system

Hotels can take their in-room entertainment system to the next level with BeyondTV’s in-room entertainment solution.  The solution incorporates streaming, casting, voice control and access to hotel information in one system.  Guests can access all their favorite programs on platforms like Netflix, HBO Go, YouTube and Showtime.  The BeyondTV solution also provides access to in-room dining, housekeeping, hotel services and access to guest billing.


The BeyondTV GuestCast solution allow guests to directly cast content from thousands of apps on their mobile devices to the hotel TV.  Guests can utilize their personal devices, such as smartphones, tablets and laptops to instantly access their favorite movies, shows and music.

Amazon Alexa Integration
BeyondTV’s Digital Assistant with Amazon Alexa integration lets hotels elevate the guest room experience with voice control.  Guests can use voice control to operate the TV, to make requests and to access information.  Guests can also be provided with dining and local attraction recommendations.  With Amazon’s Alexa hotels can make guests feel welcomed with customized greetings and provide them with quick answers to common questions.

Beyond Guestroom Entertainment System TV Dashboard
The BeyondTV dashboard gives hotels control over the guestroom entertainment system by allowing the guestroom entertainment to be customized to the hotel’s liking.  BeyondTV’s dashboard also provides instant insight into data such as revenue summaries and usages on the network.  Hotels can manage the entertainment system for multiple properties by switching locations and viewing the status directly from the dashboard.

BeyondTV was awarded a patent by the USPTO for the Guest Data Security protocol it uses for the BeyondTV solution.  The newly awarded patent includes security enhancing features with the ability to automatically delete guest information at check-out.  Guests also have the ability to manually erase their data and usage history.

Investing in the Right TV System is Essential

Hospitality TV

Hospitality TVs are different from consumer TVs as they are specifically designed with technology and security features that fits the Hospitality environment.  Hospitality TVs are compatible with technology solutions that deliver content across hundreds of hotel TVs managed from one centralized location.

Hospitality Settings

Hospitality TVs are specifically designed for hotels and offer specific features that fits the hotel environment and can be used to provide guests with an enhanced guest room experience.

Welcome Message
Hospitality TVs allow hotels to add a welcome message on to the TV’s switch-on channel, as well as photos or videos.
Volume Limiter
Sets a standard maximum allowed volume to prevent the disturbance of other guests.
Channel Line-ups
Hotels can remove inappropriate channels and can tailor channel line-up to cater to specific demographics.
Remote Management
Hotels can control a network of televisions from a central location.
Interactive Information Pages
Hospitality TVs provide hotels with branding and revenue generation opportunities that can enhance the guest experience.  Guests can be provided with information about local weather conditions, room service and hotel facilities.  Hospitality TVs are also designed to be compatible with entertainment systems that are embedded on the TV.

Data Privacy

Hospitality TVs are designed to clear personal information such as passwords, payment information and email addresses at the end of the hotel stay.  Guests run the risk of leaving private information behind as consumer TVs do not prevent the next guest from having access to previous information.

Hospitality TVs are Equipped With Pro:Idiom

Hospitality TVs are embedded with Pro:Idiom, a digital content protection system tailored for the Hospitability Industry.  TVs designed for Hospitality are equipped with a chip and supporting circuitry that permits decryption of copyrighted content to be broadcasted on TV sets in a commercial setting.  The same way that iTunes prevents copyrighted music from being downloaded and added to apple devices, copyrighted videos cannot be broadcasted on hotel TVs without Pro:idiom.

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