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In-Room Entertainment: What Do Guests Want?

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What Guests Want from In-Room Entertainment

Guests’ expectations of their hotel experience have changed, and they now want a similar in-room entertainment experience from hotels as they have at home.  Guests have expectations of having instantaneous access to their favorite channels and apps, with the ability to access popular streaming subscriptions with the use of their mobile devices.  According to an April 2021 Deloitte study, 82% of U.S. consumers subscribed to at least one paid streaming service, such as Netflix or Amazon and the average subscriber has 4 paid streaming services.  It only makes sense that hotels would make these streaming services available since they are highly popular among consumers.

Guests also want more of a high-tech experience from their hotel stay and they want a variety of in-room entertainment options.  Hospitality Technology’s 2021 Customer Engagement Technology Study found that 55% of guests expected smart TVs and content streaming in guest rooms.  In addition, 34% wanted the ability to control the TV, the lighting and the temperature with a mobile app and 31% wanted voice control features such as Amazon’s Alexa.  There are many in-room technology solutions that can help hotels offer guests a more high-tech in-room entertainment experience that includes access to the services that guests want.

Upgrade Your Hotel Technology!

SONIFI’s Interactive Television Platform SORA

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SONIFI’s next-generation interactive television platform SORA, offers guests an interactive in-room entertainment experience.  Hotels can offer guests access to a vast array of content, including access to in-theater movies and TV channels.  Guest can also access STAYCAST, powered by Google Chromecast which allows guests to stream content from popular streaming services.

Guests can also use the interactive TV to:

  • Order room service
  • To check-in and check-out
  • To review their account
  • To request or decline housekeeping
  • Access hotel directory

SONIFI’s Mobile Solutions offers mobile app features that allows guests to use their mobile devices for a contactless guest room experience.  The hotel TV turns on automatically at check-in and displays a QR code that allows the pairing of mobile devices.

Guests can use their mobile devices:

  • To control the TV
  • For streaming
  • To place room service orders and make special requests
  • To access directory and to check-out

SONIFI also offers smart technology features that allows hotels to offer contactless control of room temperature, lighting and to adjust window blinds and coverings.

Spectrum Enterprise’s Moviebeam

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Spectrum Enterprise’s Moviebeam is an integrated in-room TV service specifically designed for the Hospitality Industry.  As an add on to Spectrum’s Fiber Connection Plus TV, Moviebeam allows hotels to offer contactless technology that enhances the guest experience.  Moviebeam enables guests to access an interactive guide, to view over 250 hours of Showtime app content, as well as access streaming services with the ability to cast personal content from their mobile devices.

Moviebeam allows guests to reserve activities and request services with the hotel’s TV.  Guests can access valet services, dry cleaning services and place room service orders.  Guests can also use their mobile devices to place orders from onsite restaurants and request delivery at numerous hotel locations, such as the lobby and pool areas.  Guest can also access charges and utilize the express check-out features all by using the in-room TV.  Digital requests are routed by Moviebeam to the appropriate staff allowing hotels to operate more efficiently and reduce the number of staff members needed to respond to requests.

With Moviebeam, hotels can offer services without disruption, as part of Spectrum’s Fiber Connect Plus TV service, Moviebeam is delivered on a dedicated and private fiber network connection.  And in the event of severe weather, it’s not susceptible to weather-related interferences like satellite TV.

Guests can access:
Streaming Apps (YouTube, Crackle, Accuweather, Showtime, etc.)
Digital guest services
Local attractions
Connect their own device app
Bluetooth audio pairing
Customer feedback app
Hotel Services (showcasing all hotel amenities and services)
Express check-out
TV on/off timer
Guest messaging/Notification ticker
Free movie catalog on-demand

Enseo’s In-Room Entertainment

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In-room entertainment is now at the forefront and hotels have a number of options to choose from in order to provide guests with a great experience.  Technology service provider Enseo allows hotels to offer a high-tech hotel experience with their in-room entertainment solutions.  Guests can access a number of features intended to improve upon the guest experience. Enseo’s in-room entertainment gives guests access to the latest TV apps available, as well as a customizable channel lineup.  Hotels can also send messages to guests directly through the hotel’s TV.

Guests can use TVs to access:

  • Onscreen directory
  • Review charges and check-out
  • Place room service orders and special requests
  • View flight and weather data
  • Connect mobile devices

With EnseoCONNECT, guests can be in control of their technology experience with the use of their mobile devices.  Guests can connect their phones or other devices to their hotel’s TV, and their mobile devices will also be connected to any other IoT devices that are in their rooms.  Guests can use their mobile devices as a TV remote and can access the channel guide and control the volume.  EnseoCONNECT provides a contactless hotel experience that also enables guests to securely log into their streaming services and watch their favorite programs on the hotel TV.

In-Room Entertainment Helps Hotels to Better Compete

Guests crave contactless technology, and they also want more control of their hotel experience.  Hotels can stand out by offering guests the in-room entertainment technology that they want, while also creating revenue generating opportunities by showcasing all their services in one place.  Guests also want convenience, and the right in-room technology gives guests access to hotel amenities and services right at their fingertips.  Guests who had an enjoyable hotel experience are likely to leave positive reviews and are likely to return.  Favorable guest reviews can have an impact on which hotels guests decide to book, 70% of consumers felt that positive guest reviews played an important role in their booking decisions.

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