Hotel Panic Buttons: An Essential

Why Panic Buttons are The Must Have Technology for Hotels

Hotel panic buttons

Hotel employees are often subjected to harassment and inappropriate behaviors by guests.  9 out of 10 Hospitality workers have suffered some type of abuse during their dealings with guests, employees who work in guest rooms are especially vulnerable, as they are often required to work alone.

As a response, numerous cities and states have passed hotel panic button laws that require hotels to provide their employees with panic buttons as a safety measure.  Major hotel brands have also made the commitment to equipping employees with safety devices/panic buttons as a part of the AHLA’s 5-star promise.

Panic buttons are an essential tool that every hotel should consider implementing to ensure the safety and protection of their employees.  Panic button devices provide an immediate response to hotel employees in distress and can offer employees peace of mind in knowing that hotels have taken proactive steps to ensure their safety and security.  In addition to aiding in the efforts to keep employees safe, investing in panic button devices comes with a host of benefits that can help hotels to thrive.

Immediate Response in Case of Emergency

Panic buttons provide an immediate response in case of threatening, dangerous or emergency situations by allowing employees to summon help quickly and easily.  With just the push of a button, panic buttons provide precise location details to designated hotel personnel or the relevant authorities and assistance can be dispatched immediately.  This rapid response can potentially save lives and prevent further injury or damage to hotels.

Increase Security for Your Employees

Providing panic buttons to employees can help to provide an extra layer of security for employees.  In situations where there may be a threat or danger, employees can quickly alert others, this can help hotels to evacuate the area if needed and provide immediate assistance.  This added layer of security can help to reduce the risks currently facing the Hospitality Industry, including harassment and violence against hotel employees.

Compliance with Local Regulations

Many states and local municipalities have passed panic button legislation that require hotels to provide employees with safety devices /panic buttons.  By investing in panic buttons, hotels can ensure that they are in compliance with these regulations, as well as create a safer environment for employees.

Attract Prospective Employees

79% of hotels are experiencing staffing shortages, investing in a panic button system will aid in the effort to attract more candidates, by offering prospective employees a safe work environment.  Safety is important to employees and hotels that take employee safety seriously are more likely to stand out to potential employees.

Better Retain Employees

Staff turnover rates in the Hospitality Industry is significantly higher than in other industries and knowing that there are measures in place to ensure their safety can help reduce stress and anxiety in the workplace.  Employees are more likely to stay with hotels where they feel safe and supported.  Investing in an employee safety system will ensure that employees are able to send out emergency alerts when they are in unsafe or uncomfortable situations and know that they will receive assistance immediately.

Enhance Guest Safety

In addition to providing increased security for hotel employees, panic buttons can also help enhance guest safety.  For example, should there be a medical emergency on the hotel’s premises, employees can utilize panic buttons to quickly alert hotel security who can take the appropriate action.

Prevention of Theft and Vandalism

Panic buttons can also help to prevent theft and vandalism.  In situations where an individual may be attempting to steal or cause damage to the hotel’s property, the push of a panic button can alert security or law enforcement to the situation.

Deterrent Effect

The mere presence of panic buttons can have a deterrent effect on potential criminals.  Knowing that hotel employees are equipped with panic buttons can discourage individuals from attempting to threaten or harass employees on the hotel’s premises.

Cost-Effective Security Solution

Hotel panic buttons are a cost-effective security measure that hotels of all sizes can utilize to keep their employees safe.  Panic buttons can be integrated into existing hardware and software systems that are already being used by hotels.  They can be integrated into existing Wi-Fi solutions, as well as with IOT technology.  Panic buttons can be installed as a stand-alone service or as an added feature for hotels that are already using services from a panic button provider.  Less hardware is required if panic buttons are being added as an additional feature and hotels can leverage existing equipment for installation.

Ease of Use and Maintenance

Panic buttons are easy to use and require minimal maintenance, employees can be trained on their use.  And regular testing and maintenance can help to ensure that the panic buttons are always in proper working order.

Customizable Options

Panic buttons can be customized to meet the specific needs of your property.  These employee safety devices can also be programmed to notify designated hotel personnel or authorities depending on the type of emergency, such as police for criminal activity or medical personnel for a medical emergency.

User-Friendly Interface

Most panic buttons come with a user-friendly interface, making them easy to operate for hotel employees.  Panic buttons are wearable devices, that are easily accessible and can send out emergency alert with the press of a button.

Hotel panic buttons are an effective security measure that can provide a range of benefits for hotels and their employees.  Panic buttons can be used to offer an immediate response in the event of an emergency and can enhance the safety of both employees and guests.  There are numerous panic buttons on the market that are cost effective, user friendly and customizable.  And are effective in summoning immediate assistance when employees are in threatening or dangerous situations, they also aid employees in quickly responding to medical emergencies and other incidences that can occur on the hotel’s premises.

Vendor Spotlight: RelayPro 

Hotel panic buttons are a new requirement for hotels, but they don’t have to be a new expense. RelayPro was recently approved by Marriott, IHG and Choice hotels and has been installed in nearly 2,000 properties.  RelayPro is BOTH a 4G/Wi-Fi walkie talkie and a cutting-edge panic button with VOICE communication.