Why are Hospitality Grade TVs Essential for Hotels?

Why are Hospitality Grade TVs Essential for Hotels?

Hotel TV system

Hotels have different needs than consumers do at home, Hospitality grade TVs are specifically designed with warranty policies, technology and security features that fits the Hospitality environment.  Hospitality TVs come with security features that allow hotels to protect guests’ information and TVs are compatible with technology solutions that deliver content across hundreds of TVs managed from one centralized location.

Hospitality TV systems are also compatible with the existing infrastructure and as the needs of your property changes, TV systems have the ability to adapt and evolve.  Hospitality grade TV systems come with features that are customizable and enable personalized welcome greetings and menus that allow for the marketing of hotel amenities, while providing guests with the latest in-room entertainment that will enhance their hotel experience.

Why Do Hotels Need Hospitality Grade TVs?

Hospitality TVs

Entertainment Options

Hospitality TV systems provide guests with a variety of entertainment options, including cable TV, streaming apps like Amazon, Netflix and Hulu and on-demand music and movies.  Hospitality TVs are designed to be compatible with entertainment systems that are embedded on the TV.

Guest Satisfaction

Hospitality TV systems allow hotels to enhance the guest experience by providing guests with entertainment options that appeal to them.  Guests want to decide what content to view, and most guests are interested in streaming content from popular subscription providers, as well as casting content from their personal devices to the hotel TV.

Interactive Information Pages

Hospitality TVs provide hotels with branding and revenue generating opportunities, while enhancing the guest experience.  Guests can be provided with information about local weather conditions, room service, hotel facilities and hotel amenities directly on the hotel TV.

Hospitality Settings

Hospitality TVs are specifically designed for hotels and offer specific features to fit the hotel environment.

  • Welcome Message
    Hospitality TVs allow hotels to add a welcome message on to the TV’s switch-on channel, as well as photos or videos.
  • Volume Limiter
    Sets a standard maximum allowed volume that prevents TVs from reaching extreme volumes that would cause a disturbance to other guests.
  • Channel Line-ups
    Hotels can remove inappropriate channels and can tailor channel line-up to cater to specific demographics.
  • Lockable Features
    The lockable features of Hospitality grade TVs prevents guests from tampering with settings.

Hospitality TVs Offer Policies Specifically for Hospitality

Guestroom Entertainment

Warranty and Services

Hospitality TVs typically come with a standard 2-year warranty that allows hotels to purchase extended coverage.  Hotels can exchange damaged TVs and have access to on-site repairs by certified technicians.  Hospitality TV warranty covers parts and labor, and onsite repairs, quick repairs minimize disruption and maximizes the room occupancy potential.

Remote Management

Hospitality TVs are compatible with technology solutions that allow content across all TVs on the property to be managed from one central location.


To deliver HD entertainment to guest, Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology is required.  Hotel TVs designed for Hospitality are embedded with Pro:Idiom and/or LYNK DRM technology to ensure the secure distribution of content across multiple rooms. The same way that iTunes prevents copyrighted music from being downloaded and added to apple devices, copyrighted videos cannot be broadcasted on hotel TVs without Pro:idiom.

Security and Data Privacy

Hospitality TVs are designed to clear personal information such as passwords, payment information and email addresses at the end of the hotel stay.  If hotels used regular consumer TVs, guests would run the risk of leaving private information behind as those televisions do not prevent the next guest from having access to previous information.

Vendor Spotlight: LG Pro: Centric Catena 2.0

Hotel Internet

LG offers innovative and state-of-the-art televisions designed specifically for the Hospitality Industry and provides guests with a variety of in-room entertainment options, informative displays for lobbies and other signage options that will help to enhance the hotel experience.

LG’s Pro:Centric Catena 2.0 platform offers an upgraded version of LG’s Catena with new features that allow hotels to manage content virtually.  The platform allows hotels and other businesses to remotely tune and manage TVs without the need for multiple remote controls or to tune individual set top boxes.  Operating with Pro:Centric-enabled LG hospitality smart TVs, Catena enables simple and convenient control of multiple TVs by hotel staff with the use of smartphones or tablets.  Hotel TVs can be remotely tuned, powered on and off, rebooted and set up to display customized messaging.

The platform reduces the amount of hardware normally required and can help hotels to lower the cost of operation in comparison to other existing solutions.  Using an IP-based design reduces equipment costs and eliminates the need for each TV to have its own set-top box or media player for live TV content delivery.

Pro:Centric Catena comes equipped with a variety of features, the web app enables live TV shows and guests can listen to audio by using their own smartphones and earbuds.  The platform also supports headend IP input sources using the Pro:Idiom DRM system that provides hotels access to premium content and protection.

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