Hotel Technology: DOOH Networks

Offer Guests a High-Tech Experience With A DOOH Network

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Guests have high expectations of their hotel stays, now hotels are tasked with improving upon the guest experience while finding ways to increase revenue.  The expectations of guests have changed, Hospitality Technology’s 2021 Customer Engagement Technology Study found that guests wanted a more high-tech experience from their hotel stay.  47% of guests wanted the ability to check-in and out of hotels with their mobile devices and 55% wanted hotels to offer smart TV and content streaming in guestrooms.

The study also found that free Wi-Fi was one of the most important amenities for guests, 80% wanted to stay at hotels that provided free Wi-Fi access.  Guests also felt that hotel reviews were important, 70% of travelers looked for positive reviews and high ratings on third-party booking sites such as Travelocity and Expedia and on social media platforms like Facebook.  The right hotel technology will offer guests a high-tech experience that creates a lasting impression, while providing hotels with revenue generating opportunities.

What is a Digital Out of Home Network?

Hotel technology enables hotels to take the guest experience to the next level by offering guests personalized content in any area of the hotel property.  Hotels can use an advanced Digital Out of Home (DOOH) network that allows the streaming of content such as videos and music and provides guests with valuable information anywhere on the hotel property.  DOOH networks allow hotels and resorts to provide guests with weather updates and interactive maps of the property in places like elevators, lobbies, and golf carts.  Hotels can use DOOH networks to bring entertainment to other areas of the hotel and provide guests with information at their fingertips, offering guests the high-tech hotel experience that they want.

Vendor Spotlight: Edison Interactive

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Edison Interactive’s advanced DOOH platform with media capabilities is a digital solution that allows hotels to promote their amenities, give guests access to valuable information and offer a personalized experience that gives guests the seamless hotel experience that they want.  The platform allows hotels to provide personalized content and engage with guests anywhere, from elevators, lobbies, golf carts, ski gondolas and other places.  The platform enables guests to manage their reservations, stream music, make restaurant reservations and shop and make purchases.  Hotels can also use the platform to provide guests with access to concierge services, to provide information regarding local attractions and special offers from just about any area of the hotel.

Key Features

Reservation Management
Concierge Services
Music Streaming
In-Screen Shopping and Purchase
Room Service
Restaurant Reservations
Local Attraction
Local Offers and Savings

Benefits for Hotels

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Digital Concierge

DOOH networks allow hotels to offer guests a virtual concierge that displays property maps, location of elevators, bathrooms, restaurants, gyms, and other areas of the hotel.  DOOH networks can also help hotels to perform more efficiently by allowing guests to book restaurants and excursions without contacting the front desk.  Hotels can offer guests access to information in one convenient place and inform guests of service updates and policy changes.

Improve Guest Satisfaction

DOOH networks enable guests to quickly access important information without going to the front desk and allows hotels to market their amenities.  Hotels can create targeted content and offer a more personalized digital experience for guests, which can lead to increased guest satisfaction, stronger customer loyalty and more positive reviews.  70% of travelers looked for positive reviews and high ratings on third-party booking sites and social media before booking hotels.

Provide Streaming Entertainment

55% of guests wanted hotels to offer smart TV and content streaming in guestrooms, hotels can utilize DOOH networks to offer guests content streaming from popular subscription providers.  Guests can use their own devices to log in to their streaming accounts and connect to the hotel’s devices.

Revenue Generating Opportunities

Hotels can utilize DOOH networks to promote hotel services, to advertise restaurants, spa services and retail stores.  Hotels can reach target audiences with the relevant content that matches their needs.  DOOH advertising helps to capture and keep customer attention in outdoor and public spaces, customers can be reached in elevators, golf carts, lobbies, pool areas and anywhere on the hotel’s property.

Reduce Costs

Hotels can utilize DOOH networks to streamline hotel operations and reduce printing related expenses, hotels can reduce the burden placed on staff by providing guests with easy access to information through a virtual concierge.  Hotels can use technology to help reduce telecommunication expenses by using less expensive entertainment options that enable guests to access streaming providers from their personal devices.

Reliable Wi-Fi Makes It Possible

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Reliable Wi-Fi makes hotel technology possible, and hotels need to ensure that the Wi-Fi infrastructure is in place to adequately meet the increased demand for bandwidth, instant connectivity and reliability.  Reliable Wi-Fi is a necessity if hotels want to engage guests and offer them the high-tech hotel experience that they want.  Guests want to stream music and content from popular streaming providers and hotels will need to be able to accommodate guests without any service interruptions.  Travelers have the expectation of reliable hotel Wi-Fi service during their hotel stay, 97% of hoteliers believe that excellent Wi-Fi service determined whether guests would rebook with their hotels.

Unreliable internet will affect contactless and other hotel technology and will cause delays and slow responses that can have an impact on the guest experience.  58% of consumers based their booking decisions on the quality of the hotel’s Wi-Fi service, offering guests sufficient bandwidth, instant connectivity and a reliable and secure network will help to meet guests’ expectations and will ensure that guests keep coming back.  Hotels should work with an experienced provider to ensure that the hotel’s network can accommodate increasing bandwidth demands and ensure reliable service without interruption.

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