Why is Wi-Fi Essential for Hotels?

Why is Reliable Wi-Fi Essential for Hotels?

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 Wi-Fi is Essential for Business Travelers

Hotel Wi-Fi is one of the most important amenities for guests, according to a Hotel Internet Services Wi-Fi study, 53% of guests reported that the quality of the hotel’s Wi-Fi affected their decision to book a specific hotel location or brand.  Guests have specific needs from the hotel’s Wi-Fi network, those travelling for business depend on Wi-Fi to keep in touch with team members through email and video conferencing.  Business travelers depend on a hotel network that allows them to perform critical job functions without any delays or disruption.  Remote work has also increased since the pandemic, with 80% of guests utilizing the hotel’s Wi-Fi to work remotely.  A high-speed and reliable Wi-Fi network is essential for these travelers, as 64% used Wi-Fi for video calls on platforms like zoom and 53% utilized Wi-Fi to download files.

Leisure Travelers Also Depend on Wi-Fi

Guests that travel for leisure also want to connect to a reliable hotel network that offers uninterrupted streaming and access to social media during their hotel stays.  Guests have high entertainment expectations from their hotel experience, 66% used Wi-Fi to stream content from popular subscription providers like Netflix and Amazon and 72% preferred to cast entertainment from their personal devices to the hotel’s TV.  Guests want a reliable Wi-Fi network with sufficient bandwidth that enables them to connect all of their devices, 98% of guests traveled with smartphones and 70% traveled with laptops.  Hotels need to ensure that the Wi-Fi infrastructure is in place to support these demands in order to ensure that guests keep coming back.

Reliable Wi-Fi Creates Brand Loyalty

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Guests are more likely to return to hotels that have met their Wi-Fi expectations and they are also more likely to leave positive reviews that could attract prospective customers.  Ensuring that there is sufficient bandwidth that offers guests uninterrupted services during the entirety of their stay leads to more satisfied guests.  42% of guests surveyed felt that dropped connections and slow internet speeds were their biggest complaints.  Slow speeds and dropped connections can impact guests that want to stream videos and also affects services like video conferencing.  More bandwidth allows for higher internet speeds, which allows for an improved guest experience that leads to better reviews and guests that are more likely to return.

Reliable Wi-Fi Improves Hotel Operations

Reliable Wi-Fi helps hotels to perform more efficiently and allows employees to better handle guests requests.  Wi-Fi is essential for cloud-based PMS and POS systems, security systems, concierge services and other business critical functions.  A powerful Wi-Fi network is also essential in implementing mobile technology and other hotel technology that are in high demand, such mobile check-in and mobile key. Mobile technology allows hotels to streamline the check-in process by allowing guests to check-in with their mobile devices and access their rooms without waiting in line and without filling out paperwork.  These systems are dependent on a reliable hotel network with sufficient bandwidth.

What Should Hotels Look for in a Wi-Fi Provider?

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Hotel Wi-Fi service is only as good as the hotel internet service provider that supports it.  An experienced provider will ensure that your hotel has sufficient bandwidth and offers scalability, reliability and network security.  Having an internet connection that is dedicated, fast, scalable, reliable, and secure is essential.

Sufficient Bandwidth

46% of guests will be traveling with at least two devices with the expectation of connecting them to the hotel’s network. Having sufficient bandwidth is essential for hotels, as guests want to connect to a high-speed hotel network that enables presentations, video conferencing, video streaming and that gives them the ability to connect with coworkers and family without interruption.  Guests also want to connect to a Wi-Fi network that allows them to connect to the device of their choice without delays.  The right Wi-Fi service provider will ensure that hotels have sufficient bandwidth to offer guests a powerful high-speed Wi-Fi network that meet their demands.

Network Security

Guests want to connect to a network with the confidence that their information is secure.  To ensure network security, cybersecurity experts recommend that hotels have two separate networks, one for guests to connect to and one for staff to perform critical business functions.  An experience provider will also ensure that hotels are in compliance with required standards that protect their data and that the appropriate security controls are in place to authenticate users and monitor the hotel’s network for potential threats.


53% of guests reported that the quality of the hotel’s Wi-Fi affected their decision to book a specific hotel location or brand.  Reliable hotel Wi-Fi is an essential part of the hotel experience and guests have the expectation of a Wi-Fi network without outages.  The right Wi-Fi provider will ensure that service is not disrupted during an outage or a disaster.


As the needs of guests change and there are new advances in technology, internet service providers should be able to adapt to those changes.  An experienced Wi-Fi provider will be able to accommodate changes, such as increasing Wi-Fi speeds and the addition of Wi-Fi to new areas.  Providers must also be able to evaluate the network to ensure that it is operating properly and can make improvements to provide complete coverage.

Support and Maintenance

Internet service providers should offer 24/7 technical support for both employees and guests and be available to resolve guests’ connectivity complaints.  Regular maintenance is also essential in ensuring that the hotel’s network is performing at optimal levels.

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